Trimming: Best Practices for Keeping your Brows in Shape at Home

woman with tinted eyebrows getting them trimmed at The Lash Lounge

Last week, we shared some tweezing tips to keep your brows in tip-top shape. This week, it’s all about trimming! We’ve got the tools, methods and products to use to continue brow maintenance from the comforts of your home.  


Trimming is a great way to touch up your brows and only requires a few essential items:  

  • Brow Scissors: Easy to grip and control, brow scissors work wonders to refine the shape of your brows! Just make sure they are nice and sharp; a dull pair can be challenging to work with 
  • Mascara Wand: A clean mascara wand is perfect for giving your lashes a fluff each day, but did you know it’s also great for brushing your brows? 
  • Mirror: Use a large mirror to sculpt the shape of both brows evenly and prevent over-tweezing. Avoid small mirrors that don’t allow you to see both of your eyebrows at the same time.


Before you begin, the first thing to do is figure out which way your brows grow, so you can trim to fit your own unique brow growth pattern.   

To prevent “scalping” your brows, determine which of the three types of growth patterns matches your eyebrows: horizontal, multi-directional or downward: 


Once you’ve determined your brow growth pattern and tweezed above and below the brow (see our tweezing tips), trimming the body of the eyebrow will complete the job!  

A word of caution before you begin: If you’ve ever held a pair of brow scissors in your hands before, you know how easy it is to get “trim-happy.” This tutorial will help keep you in check and your eyebrows on point! 

Step #1: Before you get started, once you’ve determined your eyebrow hair growth pattern, brush the hair in the appropriate direction to prevent removing too much hair when you go to trim. 

Step #2:  

  • For horizontal brows, take your mascara wand and brush the hair upward. Hold the hair in place with the mascara wand and conservatively trim the hair that extends past the body of the brow
  • For multi-directional brows, you will use two different methods:

Method 1: For the inner to mid-brow (the circled area pictured below), brush the hair downward using a mascara wand, then hold in place and trim the tips. Repeat until you reach the desired length.



Method 2: For the mid-brow to the tail (the circled area pictured below) brush the hair upward using a mascara wand, then hold in place and trim the tips. Repeat until you reach the desired length. 



  • For downward brows, take your mascara wand and brush the hairs downward, then hold the hair in place and trim the tips only. Repeat this until you reach the desired length.



For additional help with your brows and to hold hairs in place, brow gels and pomades work great. Tinted gels and brow powders also assist with filling in pesky bare spots and can create a fuller look.


To see fuller-looking, more defined brows in as little as four weeks, we recommend using neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ serum because it strengthens, revitalizes and conditions your natural eyebrows. Many of our salons are selling online now. Just ask! 

Need a Hand Giving Your Brows a Boost?  

If you prefer letting the pros perfect and shape your eyebrows, we’re here to help! Check in with your local Lash Lounge for information regarding the eyebrow services they offer and when you can get on the schedule. We would love the opportunity to bring your brows back to life!