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Become an Eyelash Technician and Launch Your Career in Beauty

  • Published
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  • October 14th, 2022
An lash technician from The Lash Lounge smiles as a guest admires her new lashes

Why You Should Become a Lash Technician

The beauty industry is booming. In 2021, the global beauty and personal care market was valued at a whopping $482.8 billion. 💸 And that number is expected to grow 7.7% from 2022 to 2023. The desire and demand for gorgeous lashes and brows is here to STAY!

Lash Stylists Innovate with Growing Beauty Trends

The skin care category holds the LARGEST share in the US beauty market. One of the fastest-growing trends within this category is natural and non-toxic beauty. 📈 Because lash and brow products may come in contact with the delicate skin around your eyes, beauty lovers value the high-quality products and careful service provided by our stylists.

Of course, people can DIY their lashes and brows, but nothing compares to having a service from someone who is a master at their craft. Perfect lashes and brows require more than beauty products; achieving a truly fabulous look takes artistry and skill. 🎨

It’s clear why people LOVE safe and quality lash and brow services. And because demand keeps growing, now is the PERFECT time to seek careers in cosmetology.

Should I Become a Lash Technician?

Jobs in the beauty industry require more than a passion for makeup. A creative mind and a desire to help others feel beautiful are just right for a career as a lash stylist. Working as a stylist allows you to help others and explore your artistry, and that’s just the start!

Here are some qualities that drew stylists at The Lash Lounge to their careers in the beauty industry. Does this sound like you?

A certified lash stylist customizing a lash application for her guest at The Lash Lounge
  • You’re a go-getter. You want a job that challenges you to learn new things and take on growth opportunities. Because lashes and brows are part of a constantly growing industry, the most successful lash technicians are those who are open to innovation and finding new ways to help others feel beautiful.
  • You seek a creative career. The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera offers multicolored lash extensions* with a number of possible combinations that can be customized with our extension application methods, lash levels and lash curl options. Don’t even get us started on the possible brow shades and shapes you could achieve with our brow services. 🌈 The looks you can create simply by boosting the look of your lashes and brows are endless! (*Contact us to check on the availability of multicolored lashes.)
  • You want to make connections and help others feel BEAUTIFUL. When you work in the beauty industry and your job is to help people feel great about themselves, you’re going to have some pretty happy clients. Better yet, when you work with lashes and brows, clients return every few weeks for a touch-up. This makes it easy to develop a comfortable rapport and feel like you’re spending your day catching up with friends and hyping them up with a look to love instead of working.
  • You value job security. Sure, lash extensions can be purchased at the drug store, and tweezers exist for at-home use, but nothing compares to a premium synthetic lash meticulously placed and customized to your look. If beauty industry trends tell us anything, it’s that people want to feel great about their look, do what they can to achieve it AND like quality—brows and lashes included.
  • You LOVE trying beauty trends. Be among the first to know about new trends. When you work in the beauty industry, you gain insight into new trends and the ability to try them yourself! That’s why this is one of the best jobs for people who LOVE makeup and self-care. At The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera, we love it when guests get to see our stylists rocking a new set of lashes and beautifully shaped brows.

Working as a lash stylist allows you to grow in the beauty industry or even start your own trends by trying new looks with fellow stylists and guests! It also allows you to learn multiple aspects of the beauty industry and is a career that lets your personality shine as you build connections with guests. Start your career as a lash stylist to love what you do and help others love their look!

Get a Job in the Cosmetic Industry as a Lash Stylist

Working as a lash stylist is fun, challenging (in all the best ways) and a great step for career growth—just ask any of our team members. When starting a career in the beauty industry it’s helpful to have a team of support backing you up. Working with The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera as a lash stylist will give you the training you need and assist you with finding guests that will become loyal to you and your craft. Start your career in the beauty industry by becoming a part of The Lash Lounge team! 🌟