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Coloring Blonde Eyelashes and Brows

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • March 13th, 2023
Mid-shot of happy woman with blonde lashes and brows that look darker after enhancement

Are your blonde lashes and brows looking lackluster? Good news: you can pamper and perfectly color your light eyelashes and brows with help from The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera!

We’ve got just the tips and services for those with blonde lashes and brows or anyone with light-colored hair. 💆🏼 It’s easy to experiment with different colors and tones on light lashes and brows, whether trying something that blends in with your natural features or going for something bold and unexpected. Which reminds us…maybe the saying is right: blondes really DO have more fun! 💃🏼

How to Color Your Blonde Lashes and Brows

Whether you’re getting a brow and lash tint from The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera or using makeup to enhance your look, the most important part is finding the right color. Try following some of these tricks to find that PERFECT hue!

How to Pick the Right Lash and Brow Color for Blondes:

  • Go about two shades darker than your blonde hair color (natural or colored) to give your brows and lashes a bolder look. This will help them stand out while not straying too far from your blonde coloring.
  • Pick a color based on your natural undertones. If you have a cooler yellow or olive skin tone, go for taupe-colored brow makeup to complement your natural features. If you have warmer undertones, like pink or red, bronze and red-toned brow and lash colors will be your best friend! 👱🏽‍♀️
Before and after shot of closed eye area showing transformation of lashes and brows from tinting

Once you’ve found the right complementary shade, you’re ready to start coloring your brows and lashes! You can use brow pencils, mascara and even eyeshadow in your brows for short-term results. However, if you’re looking to make your colored brows last longer without day-to-day maintenance, we recommend getting a brow tint at The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera. (Total game-changer!)

Have you tried brow or lash tinting for blonde hair? These services allow you to define and contour your look with a shade that emboldens your eyelashes or brows for up to four weeks. 🙌

In fact, when you get a tint at The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera, our highly trained stylists will help you create a custom look that gives you not only the right color, but the right shape, too. This is extra helpful for those who are newbies when it comes to coloring their blonde lashes and brows and are looking for some extra guidance.

Tips for Blonde Eyelashes and Brows

Doing your makeup as a blonde (or a redhead) may differ depending on whether you color your hair blonde and are looking to match your darker brows to your lighter hair OR if you’re naturally blonde and want to embolden your look.

  • Natural blondes: You have a great starting point! It’s always easier to take hair from lighter to darker than the reverse.
  • Those who color your hair blonde: If you want to color your lashes and brows to match your custom color, you can still get the perfect look to complement your features! ⤵️

Try these makeup tricks and services to get the beautiful blonde look you’re after:

  • Don’t be too heavy-handed—When applying makeup to blonde lashes and brows, soft strokes are best and look more natural. Use a spoolie to blend the makeup into your brows or touch up your lashes without adding another layer of mascara. This is especially helpful if you have a fair complexion and don’t want to go too loud with your look.
  • Go for the gusto. Get lash extensions—If you’re a blonde getting eyelash extensions for the first time, we suggest starting with our classic application method (but don’t shy away from hybrid or volume lashes if a bolder look calls your name!). Our classic lash extension application method applies one extension to each natural lash for a simple yet vibrant lash line.
  • Use brown mascara—Picking a brown mascara is a GREAT way to tone down your lash makeup color while still emboldening and emphasizing your lashes. PRO TIP: While lash extensions look FAB on their own, if you want to have brown lash extensions for an evening, remember to use a water-based mascara formula to keep your extensions long and lush! You can also ask your local Lash Lounge about brown lash extension options.
  • Highlight your brow bone—Making the skin under your brows and above your lashes lighter will do wonders for making them stand out. Using a highlight or a lighter eyeshadow is ideal for adding some contrast. Just remember to pick a makeup tone that complements your natural undertones.

Put the Spotlight on Light Eyelashes and Brows!

Whether you’re natural or blonde by choice, it’s EASY to make your lashes and brows complement your look! And remember: Just because you have blonde lashes and brows, it doesn’t mean you have to tone down your features.

  • Go as dark (or light!) and voluminous as you want!
  • Pick colors that complement your natural features and undertones.

For extra help getting the PERFECT brow tint for blondes, lash extensions for blondes and more, be sure to visit The Lash Lounge Viera – The Avenue Viera. Our highly trained lash techs in Viera will help you create a custom look that you’ll adore!