5 Social Media Makeup Looks We Can’t Wait to Try

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Get Inspired by TikTok and Instagram Makeup Looks

Makeup trends come and go, and with the advent of social media, they shift in and out faster than ever before! They’re showstopping to see online, but are these trendy styles meant for a night on the town? When it comes to on-trend makeup, we argue it doesn’t matter! It’s all about having fun with something that’s popular at the moment. Our favorite makeup trends: the ones that make us feel our VERY best!🌟

What Is Trending in the Beauty Industry?

Two trends are dominating the beauty industry on social media in 2022: skincare and natural beauty (but we’d argue that this trend has been going for so long that it’s becoming a classic). In 2022, natural beauty is all about enhancing your best features and supporting products and services that are environmentally friendly.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s been a rise in bold, colorful makeup like graphic liner, colored brows, and glossy lips in a variety of shades. This makeup makes a statement on social media with its loud WOW factor. The colorful TikTok makeup trend is often referred to as Kidcore makeup. It includes psychedelic shapes and colors; think of festival makeup, but BRIGHTER and with less shimmer. This trend is all about using vibrant tones that make you feel happy and often includes bold blush, bright lipstick, shimmery gems or stickers, and, if you’re really looking to make a statement, lash extensions with COLOR! Kidcore can be pared down for a youthful everyday look, or amped up for an exciting event like a concert or night out with friends.

5 of Our Favorite 2022 Makeup Trends

In our book, a trend is all about trying something new, expressing yourself, and finding confidence in an unexpected look. Including any one of these 2022 makeup trends in your look will take you from eye-catching to statement-making!

The best makeup trends are achievable and fun to replicate, including these five trends we can’t get enough of:

1. Multicolor Lashes – If you haven’t noticed, 2022 makeup trends are all about embracing spirited shades. One way to take on this trend is with your lashes. With mascara in different colors to our fav (of course!), multicolor lash extensions, it’s easy to give this trend a try. For an even MORE daring effect, go for a monochromatic look and match your lashes to your lip color.

Wanna jump on the color lashes trend? Try multicolor lash extensions from The Lash Lounge! Some of our favorite colors that enhance the lashes and eye color even more are purple, pink, and green. 💚 Talk about making your eyes POP!

an array of color makeup for colorful makeup trends for 2022

2. Graphic Eyeliner – Whether you prefer a bold and colorful cat-eye or a floating line under your brow bone, the graphic eyeliner trend is all about self-expression! Don’t let us tell you how to do your liner. Explore different shapes and colors to find a look that makes you feel your best!

And if you’re looking to amp things up even more? Pair your eyeliner with a lash lift and lash tint from The Lash Lounge. These lash services will provide flawlessly colored and curled lashes that will last up to four weeks!

3.  Lipstick as Blush – From barely there to bold, consider giving lipstick a try as blush. The right shade can mimic any traditional blush whether in powder or cream form.

How to Use Lipstick as Blush

To avoid over-pigmented application, first sweep your lipstick across your finger. Then, tap your finger along the apple of your cheek until an even and rosy tint is applied. For best results, do this before applying foundation or powder.

TIP: If your lipstick does not easily glide on, rub it on your palm with a little foundation before applying it to your cheeks.

4. Soap Brows – Possibly one of the crazier sounding trends on our list, but you read that right. Rather than using a brow wax, beauty influencers on TikTok and Instagram are using bar soap to make their brows look fuller.

How to Do Soap Brows

Simply wet a bar of soap, gather some soap on your spoolie or brow brush and use it to shape your brows. 🧼 The soap is meant to take the place of a brow gel and leave you with brows that look thicker and more naturally shaped.

TIP: Avoid white bar soap and try to find a glycerin soap to avoid unwanted brow color and irritation.

This trend not for you? That’s okay! For flawlessly shaped brows that last for weeks (without any soap sculpting 😉) choose brow lamination at The Lash Lounge.* This brow service lasts up to six weeks and repositions your natural brow hair for a full, shaped and smooth appearance.

5. Sculpting/Facelifting Makeup – For a naturally lifted look, this concealer hack is a must!

How to Give Yourself a Facelift with Makeup

Swipe concealer in an upward motion along the outer and inner corner of the eye, at the curve of the mouth, and along the cheekbones. Pick a creamy concealer that’s a bit lighter than your skin tone. Apply the rest of your makeup in an upward motion, such as your blush, foundation, and more, to enhance the chiseled effect.

What to Expect from Makeup Trends in 2023

In 2023 we’re expecting vivid and lively color trends of 2022 to stay but with a grunge and glam twist. Expect to see even more glitter, glossy lips, clean-shaped brows, and bold highlighter, all with more metallics and holographic finishes.

We also expect the natural beauty trend to grow in popularity. Some of our favorite trendsetters and celebrities released skincare and beauty brands in 2022 that are centered around clean products intended to enhance and protect natural features. As health and beauty become more intertwined, people want services and products that not only help them look and feel great.

Have Fun with Instagram and TikTok Makeup Trends

Whatever trend you lean into, experiment and see which trends make you feel like the best version of yourself! To help any of these looks shine, start with a good base: your lashes and brows. Make this part of your beauty routine effortless with services from The Lash Lounge! Any of our custom services will leave you with carefree, long-lasting, and STUNNING lashes and brows. ✨

*Brow lamination is available at select locations. Contact a location near you to learn more.