Trend Alert—Add Some Color to Your Lashes

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • August 8th, 2022
close-up of woman's eye with purple lashes

It’s time to step into bold colors! The best way to do this: with multicolored eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge! Read on to find out why lash extensions with COLOR can make your eyes POP and your personality shine! ✨

Lash Extensions With Color = The Ultimate Customization

At The Lash Lounge, customization is the name of our game. If you’re currently a Lash Lounge guest, you’re familiar with our lash consultation process. But did you know that we offer another customizable aspect? Multicolored lashes! Adding multicolored eyelash extensions to your go-to lash style is the perfect way to create a lash look that is UNIQUELY YOU! Best part: there are a number of combinations available!

Here are a couple of our favorite color combos:

  • Pink and purple for a flirtatious, feminine look
  • Blue and green for a beachy, summer vibe

Ask your stylist about the many ways to add a flare of color to your lash line whether along the outer edge for a simple statement or throughout your lashes to create a bold look!

Style Tip: For a monochromatic moment, match your eyeliner to your multicolored lashes. 😍

Multicolored Eyelash Extensions Enhance Your Eye Color

close-up of woman's multicolored purple lashes

Lash extensions help you achieve your length and volume lash goals and adding some color can further create a look to enhance your features. This includes enhancing your natural eye color!

See our lash color suggestions and how they can complement the color of your eyes:

  • 💜 Purple for Hazel Eyes: this shade can add depth and dimension
  • 💚 Pink for Green Eyes: this hue will add a captivating contrast
  • 💙 Orange for Blue Eyes: this shade will bring a bold intensity
  • 💛 Green for Brown Eyes: this color will add radiance

Lash Extensions with Color: Get on Board!

Lash extensions with color are having a major moment so NOW is the perfect time to try out something new. Whether you’re looking to visit The Lash Lounge or you’ll be seeing us soon at your next appointment, we’re here to help you get the lash look of your dreams. 😉