Things to Remember When Preparing for Your Big Day

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brunette bride in wedding dress looking down at bouquet

There are a million and one details to consider when planning a wedding, which is why some get lost in the midst of wedding craziness. Although the logistics, such as picking the date, venue, dress and decorations are important, it’s important to plan out the details that will help prepare YOU for the big day as well.

Oftentimes, brides get so wrapped up in the bigger picture that they forget about booking beauty appointments and rehearsals, as well as planning for the day of. If you’re trying to prepare for your big day and want to make sure you don’t forget anything, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a detailed guide to help you fully prepare without forgetting ANY details.

The Big Details

A Realistic Budget

It’s no secret weddings can add up fast, which is why setting a realistic budget before you do anything else is crucial. Before you dive-deep into all the exciting stuff, sit down with your partner and discuss an ideal price range for the event that will not break the bank. Consider what’s most important to you, such as the venue, dress or catering, and allocate a larger chunk of the wedding budget to these details.

Having a budget in place is critical because you don’t want to overspend, causing your financial standings to tank. You can still have a beautiful wedding without drowning yourself in debt. Don’t put the costs of a wedding above your financial future, especially if you have big plans afterwards, such as a honeymoon or buying a new home to start fresh in. “How much house can I afford?” is something to consider, especially if you plan to grow your family and need more space.

mid-shot of bride in wedding dress holding a save the date card

Date, Venue and Guest List

Picking the date for your wedding can be a lot of pressure. Do you want to have your ceremony and reception in one place? Do you have a back-up plan if the weather is not in your favor? Should you plan your guest list according to your venue or vice versa? These are all serious questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

When picking a date, it’s important to consider many aspects, such as the season, weather, day and time. One thing to remember is that choosing a weekend versus a weekday may affect who can attend because you’re more likely to have a better turnout on a weekend day most people are free. Venue options are also more likely to be booked up in the summer because it’s the most popular time to tie the knot. If you do happen to have a dream venue in mind, book a reservation WELL in advance. Another deciding factor is whether you want the reception to be indoors or outdoors. This decision will rely on the time of year and the date because the last thing you want is the weather to have a negative impact on your day. The good news is, if your budget has room, you can find a professional wedding planner to help you sort through these tough decisions. A wedding planner is beneficial for keeping track of all the details and if something falls through the cracks, they can help come up with a solution.

The Small (But Not Forgotten) Details

Beauty Essentials

Time and time again, people get so wrapped up in the major preparations that they forget about the smaller details. Of course picking the wedding cake, reception decorations and dinner menu are important, but so are the day-of details as well! Lash extensions, hair, waxing, facials, nails, spray tanning, eyebrow threading and makeup are all things you will want to plan ahead of time. All of these services require an appointment to be made in a certain timeframe, as well as a consultation and/or trial appointment, especially if eyelash extensions are on your wish-list. Don’t forget about your wedding party, too!

Lash extensions are super trendy for brides-to-be because they accentuate your natural beauty. Having an appointment ahead of time is also helpful because there are so many lash look customization options available. Depending on the makeup look you’re going for, you’ll need to consider whether classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume eyelashes are right for you. At The Lash Lounge, we recommend scheduling your first full set of eyelash extensions at least three months ahead of your wedding date to give you time to tweak and perfect your look ahead of your big day.

Favors, Gifts, and Rehearsal

When planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party and reception, there are many small details you might forget. Wedding favors are small sentimental items that you can hand out at the bridal shower and reception. Some popular wedding favors are candles, shot glasses, cookies, bottle openers and drink koozies.

small white gift boxes stacked for wedding favors

Many people go the DIY route as well, such as putting together little hangover kits that include Advil, mints, hair ties, mini water bottles, hand sanitizer and makeup wipes. Often, brides will give their bridal party a fun gift when they are asking them to be a part of their special day. Some gift ideas are matching robes, jewelry, monogrammed water bottles and champagne. Super fun for the bachelorette party as well!

What else? It’s highly recommended you plan a date for your rehearsal dinner close to the wedding day to do a run-through. Practicingwalking down the aisle, entering the reception and what is expected of your wedding party is important to ensure the day runs smoothly. Afterwards, many couples plan a dinner party for last-minute celebrations. This will also require a reservation, especially with a large group, so it’s important to plan ahead of time.

There are many details and preparations that go into planning a wedding, which is why so many things can easily be overlooked. Following a checklist, hiring professional help and taking it one day at a time is encouraged so nothing goes wrong or is forgotten.

Remember, your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days of your life, so enjoy the planning process and don’t forget to plan the preparations for YOU, too!