How to Plan and Prep for Bridesmaid Makeup

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A bride sitting as a makeup artist applies bridal makeup

Bridesmaid Makeup 101

Pop the champagne, it’s time to plan a wedding! 🥂 From dress shopping to cake tasting and everything in between, we know that planning a wedding takes a village. To make any wedding vision come to life, it’s all about the details: the bouquets, centerpieces, song selections and even the bridesmaid makeup.

When it comes to bridesmaids’ makeup looks, we understand it can be tricky to plan. There are so many factors at play! How bold? What color palette will look good on each bridesmaid? What to do when each bridesmaid has a different budget?

For our brides, don’t let planning your bridesmaids’ makeup become a chore. Whether you want to oversee each detail or take a hands-off approach and leave it up to your bridesmaids, we’ve got you covered with tips for budgeting, our favorite bridesmaid looks for inspiration and more!

To all our bridesmaids, support your bride’s wedding dreams. Help her shine on her big day and make the most out of her vision for your look. We’ve got tricks to help you prepare and look your best on the big day!

At The Lash Lounge, we’ve helped our share of maids, matrons and brides find their best look for the big day, and we’ve got YOU covered, too! 🤝🏼

Let’s get planning!

For the Bride—Your Bridesmaid Makeup Planning Guide

The big day begins with discussions about the budget (so you don’t blow it), the aesthetic (so you nail it) and preparation (so things run like clockwork).

Start here:

1. Know the makeup budget 💸—Put the brakes on! Before even THINKING about makeup, it’s important to consider costs. One factor is the services you want to use. Start by thinking about how each bridesmaid’s makeup will be done:

  • By a professional
  • With select beauty services, such as lashes and brows
  • DIY makeup

Once you know what’s going into the bridesmaids’ look (and how much it will cost), it’s time to figure out how it’s being paid for. Maybe you’re paying for each bridesmaid, or the bridesmaids are paying for themselves.

If bridesmaids are paying for their own makeup and are expected to cover the cost of professional services, make sure a budget is discussed. Since you likely want everyone to get the same, or similar, services, find an average price for the bridesmaid makeup that’s within the budget of each bridesmaid.

2. Find a look that complements the wedding style—A starting point is to think about tones and styles that will complement the look of your wedding. 👰🏾 Find makeup colors that complement the shade of the bridesmaid dresses and even season. Taking these things into consideration will help you determine how bold or natural the makeup should be.

3. Have the BEST time—At the end of the day, remember that whatever makeup look your bridesmaids wear, it’s meant to help you feel beautiful and enhance the fun and joy surrounding the wedding. Enjoy the day and the looks you and your girl gang get to rock!

For the Bridesmaids—Bridesmaid Makeup Tips

1. Try your look before the big day—Whether you’re having your makeup professionally done or doing it yourself, a trial run is key. This will ensure your chosen look is right for you and if not, it will give you the opportunity to adjust it before the wedding.

2. Have a good canvas—To ensure your makeup lasts all day and stays looking fresh, try these tips:

  • Get your lashes done the week before—Getting your lashes professionally done or filled before the wedding day will give you peace of mind. You’ll know that they’ll stay flawless throughout the day and beyond. Lash services are also helpful because they’ll get you through more than just the wedding. From the rehearsal dinner to the day-after brunch, your lashes will stay looking full and healthy.

At The Lash Lounge, we offer lash services that busy brides LOVE. Three of our wedding favorites:

  • Lash extensions to give you a fuller and more defined look. They’re customizable, allowing you to go as glam or natural as you wish.
  • Combining our lash tint and lash lift services to give your natural lashes a lasting curl and allow you to darken your lashes with a color that complements your natural hair and features.

Our pre-wedding lash services let you skip the mascara, avoid any runny eye makeup and keep flawless and fluffy lashes for weeks!

  • Moisturize—Taking great care of your skin leading up to the big day is the best way to help your makeup last throughout the wedding. Remember to moisturize your skin after washing it and again before bed. This will help you avoid shiny skin and melting makeup on the big day.

TIP: If you have lash extensions, be sure to keep moisturizer away from your lash line to prevent any oils or product from affecting the durability of the lash adhesive.

  • Get some good rest—We know that weddings are busy and can lead to some late nights filled with celebration and preparation. Get lots of good sleep leading up to the festivities to make sure you look well-rested and are on your A-game to support the bride!

3. Be prepared—Being a bridesmaid is exciting! You’re someone special in the bride’s life and she wants you next to her on one of the biggest days in her life. Show up on time, steam your dress, make a playlist of celebratory music to play when you all get ready—and remind the bride that she looks STUNNING!

5 Bridesmaid Makeup Looks We’re LOVING

A bride and bridesmaids wearing bridal makeup and smiling

Once you know what goes into picking the right look, it’s time for the fun part: getting bridesmaid makeup ideas and choosing the makeup look!

1. Voluptuous lashes—Full and fluffy lashes are one of our favorite looks. Full lashes can provide a romantic look and highlight one of your best features: your eyes! Get eyelash extensions to create the impactful look we know you want.

  • For the ultimate full and defined lash look that will make your eyes show up better on camera 📷, ask your stylist at The Lash Lounge if the following options will work with your natural lash line:
    • Our Volume (or *Mega Volume) application method
    • Level 3 (our fullest lash level) D curl

*Check with your local salon to see if Mega Volume is currently being offered.

2. Natural makeup—If you’re going for subtle, the natural makeup look is the one for you. Avoid shimmery and colorful eyeshadows and blushes. Find makeup that complements your natural skin tone. You can even use natural-looking lash extensions to make sure you get the subtle look you want while still looking effortlessly flawless. Natural makeup will enhance your natural features, which is ideal for weddings that happen in the spring or summer or for a destination wedding where the climate might not be friends with heavy makeup.

3. Smoky eyes—For a bold makeup look, go for a smoky eye. This look is particularly lovely for a fall or winter wedding and pairs beautifully with a red lip. Smoky eyes are the perfect glam look that will make any bridal party appear timeless and romantic.

4. Creamy pastels—For a softer yet eye-catching look, go for light and creamy pastel tones. Cream-based makeup is used in a number of products, including eyeshadows and blush. Pastels are ideal for a summer or spring wedding and will often mesh with wedding colors during those seasons.

5. Sunshine goddess—Shimmery and glowing tones are having a moment and we’re HERE FOR IT! Using gold tones in eyeshadows, or shiny highlighter with brown and yellow tints will give your makeup a pop and channel the joy of a sunny day. Remember, a little highlighter goes a long way and brightens up your whole look. Don’t forget to test this look before the big day to see how bright you want to go. ☀️

To perfect any look, get your eyebrows done! For a wedding, you can’t go wrong with eyebrow threading and eyebrow tinting. Together, these services will shape and color your brows to make them as bold or subtly natural as you want.

Let The Lash Lounge Help Everyone in Your Bridal Party Look Flawless

Prior to the big day, let The Lash Lounge work with you to customize a look all your own. If you jump on it now, you can enjoy luxe lash extensions and beautiful brows for all the pre-wedding festivities and have time to customize your look well before the big day!

We can’t wait to work with you!