Eye Makeup Trends We’re Crushing on This Summer

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  • June 16th, 2022
close-up of a woman's closed eye with winged eyeliner as she applies colorful eyeshadow

Summer Eye Makeup Trends You MUST Try

One of the best ways to add personality to your look is through your eyes! From Coachella-inspired sparkles ✨ to neutral nudes with lush lash extensions, it’s all about finding a look that makes you feel FABULOUS.

Did you know that finding a look you LOVE can boost your confidence? It’s true and YOU can give it a try with some of these summer eye makeup looks. If there’s ever a season to look your best, this summer is it!☀️

Our 3 Favorite Summer Eyeliner Trends

If you’re looking for a new look but you’re still unsure about the world of bold eye makeup, you’ve come to the right place! Eyeliner is an easy way to enhance your eye shape and lashes.

With these eyeliner trends, your eyes will POP for all your summer activities. 🏖️

1. Tight eyeliner—Channel your youthful self with this hip and moody liner trend. To apply, you will start along the waterline on your lower and upper eyelids for a subtle shadow. Applying this way will help your eyes take center stage while not going overboard with a thick liner look.

TIP: For an even more show-stopping appearance, pair your tight liner look with eyebrow threading to perfectly shape your face and highlight your eye area.

2. Smudged eyeliner—Can you tell eyeliner is having a moment?! If you’re looking for more of a sultry, smoky eye look without the work of blending eyeshadow, use a crayon or pencil eyeliner. After you regularly apply the liner, go back and buff it out with a small makeup brush to blur the lines for a softer, sexy look.

3. Floating eyeliner—You heard us right! One of our favorite statement makeup looks for summer is floating eyeliner. This new take on the cat-eye uses a liquid liner with a precise line to bring the traditional cat-eye up, instead of out along the corner of your lash line. When applied like this, the liner will align across the brow bone making your eyes appear more open and opulent.

TIP: Pair your floating eyeliner with a lash lift! At The Lash Lounge, a lash stylist can help you find the perfect custom curl to complement your facial features and provide you with lush, curled lashes for up to eight weeks! 🙌🏽

Bright, Brighter, Brightest—4 Summer Eyeshadow Looks To Love!

This summer is the summer of fun, color, and only adding things into your life that bring you joy! 😍 Just because you’re using colorful eyeshadow doesn’t mean it has to be over the top. Check out some of our favorite summer eyeshadow looks and learn how YOU can make even orange eyeshadows seamlessly fit into your summer look.

close-up of a woman's face as she applies colorful summer eyeshadow
  • Soft pinks—When in doubt over bright pops of color, stick to warm and lively pink tones! To achieve this look, apply a light pink eyeshadow to your eyelids and even along the lower lid line for a subtle sheen. Loving this trend already? Pair your chosen pink shadow with a rosy blush.
  • NEON—We’ll say it again: neon! Believe it or not, this look is for everyone who’s ready to make a statement! Embrace your Euphoria phase and use your eye makeup as an opportunity to explore new looks. To do this, try incorporating multiple neons, such as a bright yellow, vivid blue and hot pink. Instead of blending the colors, try color blocking across your lids and brow bone to get the most from those neon hues.
  • Metallics—Since we’re all about a shimmery, shiny look, metallics are the ultimate way to go. Bonus: this look is quick and easy because you don’t have to worry about blending. You can simply add a quick coat to your eyelids for a lasting impact. 🌟
  • All about orange—How you can you brighten and liven up your look? Add some orange eyeshadow! While you can go as bright and bold as you like for a full orange eyelid, we’re obsessed with small accents of this warm color. If the shade you go with is on the bold side, try blending a little of the orange with a neutral shadow OR simply dab a little in the corner of your eye. 🤩

Top Your Look Off With Lashes

Whatever look may be calling your name, take it up a notch by getting lash extensions! Avoid flaky mascara bringing your fresh, summery look down, and visit The Lash Lounge! We will work with you to customize a lash look that will further allow you to go as bold or natural as you want.

Complete Your Summer Look at The Lash Lounge!

The beauty of these looks and tips we’ve shared is that you can mix and match to see what makes YOU feel your best! For flawless lashes and brows that will complement any makeup trend, that’s where we come in! 😉👇🏽