How to Nail a Natural Makeup Look With Lash Extensions

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  • August 8th, 2022
A woman, with a fresh face of makeup and a natural lash extension look, looks at the camera and smiles

The Lash Lounge’s Guide to Natural Looking Lash Extensions

Good news: the natural makeup look you loved in 2021—it’s here to stay in 2022, and beyond! Why we LOVE a natural look: instead of hiding imperfections, natural makeup celebrates and accentuates your best features! And we know there’s A LOT to celebrate. 😉

Custom Lash Extensions for a Natural Look

Ever felt like lash extensions should live in the lane of special occasion and glam beauty? Here’s the deal: lash extensions are GREAT for making your eyes and lashes slay on special days because they create optimal definition. They can also boost your appearance and take you from day to night. That’s the beauty of the customization we offer. We can help you achieve your dream lash look while keeping it in line with your go-to natural style.

In short, lash extensions are THE. PERFECT. WAY. to enhance your natural beauty and at The Lash Lounge, we can help customize a look all your own. While some opt for something more dramatic and bold, a simple yet vibrant lash look (to fit the natural aesthetic that you love) can be created. When it comes to lash extensions at our salons, it’s all about customization and finding what’s best for YOU!

The Benefits of Lash Extensions

From instant lash definition every day to a simplified beauty routine, the number of reasons to LOVE lash extensions from The Lash Lounge are endless.

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Here are a few of our personal favs:

  • You’ll have a more rejuvenated, rested appearance every day! 🤩 Picture this: waking up, looking in the mirror and actually loving what you see first thing in the morning. It’s possible with lash extensions! Sure, you may truly be exhausted, but you’d never know it thanks to the fresh and awake look your full and fluffy lash line provides.
  • Little to no makeup is possible when you have lash extensions! This is due to the instant pop that lash extensions add to your look. This also means that you’ll finally be able to say sayonara to mascara and eliminate those pesky clumps and smudges. 🙌🏾 Another thing lash extensions will gift you: less time spent on your beauty routine and more time taking on your day!
  • Our lash extensions are customized to fit your natural lashes and features! At The Lash Lounge, we don’t supply one-size fits all lash extensions. As our guest, you will receive a custom lash look to best fit you and one that is safe for your natural lashes.

How to Do a Natural Makeup Look With Lash Extensions

A natural makeup look is clean, simple and should always look effortless giving you a gorgeous glow. Some of you may have already mastered the art of creating a flawless look (bravo to you! 👏🏼).  If not and you’re in need of a little practice and understanding of what products and beauty treatments are best for your acing a natural makeup look, we’ve got you covered!

Our top 5 Natural Makeup Look Tips:

  1. Choose natural-looking lash extensions. Your eyes are a prominent feature of your face and often the first thing people notice about you! A natural lash extension look is easy to achieve when you come to The Lash Lounge thanks to our expert stylists who will assess your natural lash line AND features to determine the lash design that best fits you. 😉

Personalizing a lash look is a fun collaboration between you and your lash stylist and during your consultation, your stylist will share more in-depth info. Until then, here’s a light overview of what the two of you will tag-team and determine:

  • Application Method: Classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume
  • Lash Level: Level 1 (Full), Level 2 (Fuller), Level 3 (Fullest)
  • Lash Curl*: C Curl or D Curl
*Additional curls may be available by application method.

Finishing Touches: Along with the above options your stylist will help you select, you will also discuss the length and thickness of the lash extensions.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Dewy and supple skin will give your natural look the soft and clean appearance you desire. (REMINDER: keep your moisturizer away from your lash line since oil from beauty products and lash extensions are not friends.)
  2. Highlight your features. Highlighter (or illuminator) is a great way to create symmetry and definition without using too many different products. For a natural look, try applying it on your cheekbones, along your nose, a bit on your forehead between your eyebrows, and on your upper lip. Adding these subtle highlights will create a bright and glowing look to your face! 🌟
  3. Find your perfect shade. If you decide to wear a bit of makeup with your lash extensions, find a concealer, blush and lip tint that enhances your natural undertones. This is key to keeping your makeup subtle while still defining your features. Just remember to choose wisely when selecting shades and pick products that best match your skin tone.
  4. Shape and define your brows. The shape of your eyebrows can add so much definition to your natural features. A great way to achieve this is with eyebrow threading and brow tinting. Threading will give a clean shape for natural looking brows and tinting will provide a darker more emphasized look without having to add a stitch of makeup. (Bye-bye brow pencils!)

Looking for the Best Lash Treatment for YOU?

Whether you want lash extensions to enhance your current au naturel glow or you’re looking to add something to that new natural beauty routine, The Lash Lounge has options for you! Not ready for eyelash extensions yet? No problem! You can try another one of our lash services to enhance your natural lash line such as a lash lift to add curl or a lash tint to darken your existing lashes.

Whatever lash service you choose, our stylists at The Lash Lounge can’t wait to work with you! 💜