What Does Your Eyebrow Shape Say About You?

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  • August 29th, 2023

Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

Eyebrows are having a moment and we’re 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it.

While the trends are ever-changing (remember the ultra-thin eyebrows of the ‘90s and 2000s? We do!), one thing remains the same: Eyebrows are integral to framing your face and drawing attention to your gorgeous eyes.

Simply put, the right eyebrow shape enhances your features, and eyebrow grooming (regardless of shape) is key.

Not sure which shape is right for you? Check out our recommendations BEFORE your next eyebrow threading appointment and we’ll help you achieve your perfect brow shape!

woman with beautifully groomed eyebrows

Before We Get Started, What Are Eyebrows For?

Just like eyelashes, eyebrows serve a purpose and that is to protect your eyes. Your eyebrow’s primary function is to keep unwanted liquids and materials from falling down your face and into your eyes. They form a barrier between your eyes and protect against things like dirt, dust, loose hairs and sweat or water that may drip down your face.

In modern times, eyebrows are most associated with identity. Eyebrows are expressive (they move up and down as we talk, gesture or react to conversations, people and situations). Their shape is also important and allows you to better express who you are and even your personal style.

What Is Eyebrow Shaping?

Eyebrow shaping is the process of understanding your natural brow shape and then working to clean up, accentuate and groom your brows to your preferred shape or style.

Rather than waxing, which can often lead to skin breakouts and irritation, or plucking that does not allow you to easily follow the natural shape of the brow bone as you pluck individual hairs, The Lash Lounge opts for eyebrow threading. Threading allows you to achieve a precise look that follows that natural curve of the brow bone while leaving lasting results and your skin free from lingering irritation.

What Does Your Eyebrow Shape Say About You?

Eyebrow shapes run the gamut from traditional to avant-garde. While your shape is influenced by the architecture of your face, the way you groom may change their effect.

When considering eyebrow shapes, there are four common categories and each will help you understand the look and what that look says about you.

Rounded Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are rounded and frame the contour of your eyes, you are:

  • Clean, organized and optimistic
  • “Go with the flow” and supportive
  • Ready to embrace anything that comes your way.

Arched / Peaked Eyebrows

If you have opted for arched/peaked eyebrows, we’re guessing you’re the life of the party. 👑 Whether you’re breaking it down on the dance floor or captivating friends with your intriguing stories, people gravitate toward you and your lively demeanor. The sharp arch of your brows suggests you are:

  • Decisive
  • Glamorous
  • Willing to try new things

Just like your eyebrows, with a slight twang of PIZZAZZ, those who meet you can’t wait to learn more about you.

Straight Eyebrows

If you have straight eyebrows, you may be a logical thinker. Like your eyebrows that require precise care, you are:

  • Methodical in your approach to life
  • Always offering a hand of support to a friend in need
  • Goal-oriented and focused on bettering yourself and the world around you.

Diagonal Eyebrows

Diagonal eyebrows are noticeably higher toward the temple and cut down toward the center of the face. People with this hard-angled style of brows are:

  • Bold and confident (just like their brows)
  • A little stubborn
  • One to follow your heart and stick with your gut. 💗

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Not sure which brow is right for you? Our stylists are here to assist! The Lash Lounge will help you find a style that goes with the natural contours of your brow bone and let your facial features shine.

Find Professional Eyebrow Shaping Near Me

At The Lash Lounge, we offer eyebrow threading and tinting to help you achieve the brow volume, color, and shape you’ve always wanted! Eyebrow threading can help clean your brows and shape them to your desired style. Eyebrow tinting allows you to create a fuller-looking brow and find a color that complements your hair color and skin tone.

Let us help you find your own perfect brow shape and one that will let your personality shine!