The Top Lash Looks

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  • August 8th, 2022
closeup of woman with eyelash extensions at the lash lounge

Whether you’ve got a Lash Lounge gift card burning a hole in your pocket or you want to refresh your appearance in the new year, we’re dishing out details on the top lash looks.

Get Eyelash Extensions for the Top Lash Look

For the ultimate lash look, the answer in our book is always lash extensions! Here at The Lash Lounge, we offer a variety of options, so you can customize your lashes to your liking and your lifestyle.

See the steps and options your stylist will share, so you can get your very own top lash look:

  1. Choose the application method, or the foundation of your lash look: classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume.
  2. Choose your lash level, or how full you’d like your look: Level 1 (Full), Level 2 (Fuller), Level 3 (Fullest)
  3. Pick your curl: C curl or D curl
  4. Share your lash vision with your stylist, then lie back and take a little lash nap snooze! 💤
The Lash Lounge's lash customization catalog

Once each detail has been selected, your stylist will begin to work Lash Lounge magic. She’ll personalize your look, choosing the best lash lengths, thicknesses and placement to create your own completely unique lash look. This customization is what makes lash extensions from The Lash Lounge the top choice for a lash enhancement!

Want to know more about the lash designs and customizations we offer? Get more info, plus photo examples of each of the 3 steps here.

*Mega volume is currently available at select locations.

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Get a Lash Look Makeover with a Lash Tint

Over the daily task of applying mascara? A lash tint has your name all over it!

Applied by a trained lash stylist, lash tinting is perfect for anyone who has fine or naturally light eyelashes. Prior to the application, you and your stylist will discuss which shade of tint is best for you, considering things like your natural features, complexion and hair color. Once you decide on a color, your stylist will use a semi-permanent dye specifically formulated for lashes.

Once your application is complete (it’s super quick at about 30 minutes!), your stylist will hand you a mirror, so you can see the results:

  • A bolder, fuller-looking lash line
  • Rich, natural-looking color
  • Lashes that complement and complete your look
  • An overall refreshed appearance

For more details about this dynamic lash service, including before-and-after images and info on when to book your lash tint refresh, go here.

A Beautiful Boost from a Lash Lift

Ideal for anyone with straight lashes, a lash lift will supply you with carefree curl and (our favorite part) give you a more “awake” look.

Before the service, your expert lash stylist will assist you in selecting the curl that’s best for your natural eyelashes. After that, your stylist will use a special silicone lifting rod paired with a gentle adhesive to adhere and set your lashes in place. After less than hour (a lash lift is a super-quick service!), you will have beautiful, curled lashes!

an extreme closeup of an eye showing a lash lift and tint

Toss those lash curling tools out the window because once you get this top lash look, you’ll never go back!

(Pictured: A lash lift and tint)

Best of Both Worlds: Lash Lift and Tint

You know what they say: Two is better than one! That’s 100% the case when you combine a lash lift and tint! Pairing these two lash services will give you a gorgeous lash line full of color AND curl.

Learn more about combining each service here and see one beautiful Lash Lounge guest after her own lash lift and tint transformation.

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Make a New Lash Look Part of Your New Year’s Resolution!

Add the lash service calling your name to your new year’s resolution list, so you can finally get the top lash look of your dreams!

And if you want more lash inspo, scroll through our Instagram and save your favorite looks so you can show them to your stylist during your visit.