What Are The Best Eyelash Extensions?

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  • January 3rd, 2022
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Professional Eyelash Extensions Are the Best Eyelash Extensions

Looking for luxe lashes, but not sure whether to go professional or DIY? While we love DIY projects (hello, Pinterest), lash extensions can be tricky and potentially harmful if applied without a professional’s touch. For safe, BEAUTIFUL, long-lasting lashes, choose professional application from The Lash Lounge.

Are DIY Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Lash extensions are safest when they’re made of high-quality materials AND applied by a professional stylist. While DIY lashes might seem less expensive or even more convenient, the long-term results can be disappointing and often harmful to your natural lashes.

DIY vs. Professional Eyelash Extensions

DIY eyelashes pose two key issues: safety and quality. While it’s possible to buy decent lashes and adhesives for home use, you’re unlikely to end up with quality results. And without proper training, application will be difficult and frustrating.

More problematic is the safety concern surrounding DIY lashes. These temporary lash enhancements are more likely to damage your natural lashes and, in some cases, cause irritation, breakage, and trauma to the lash follicle—yikes! 😱

Professional lash stylists, like our team at The Lash Lounge, are HIGHLY trained. Our exclusive training program meticulously covers safety during application and all the aspects of artistry necessary to provide custom lash looks for every guest.

Our proprietary training system sets us apart from our competitors, falsies, and DIY extensions. It covers several crucial aspects for applying lash extensions safely and properly. Key trainings include:

  • Assessing the guest’s lash line and the health of their natural lashes prior to the application
  • Customization and consultation
  • Prep and proper cleansing prior to application
  • Face mapping for lash customization (we don’t do one-size-fits-all applications)
  • Aftercare education
  • Retention evaluation during lash refill appointments
  • Custom lash refills
  • And so much more!

The Pros and Cons of DIY Lashes

If you’re a pro when it comes to applying DIY lashes and like the lower price of this temporary option, then you may find them convenient.

Unfortunately, for most, it’s unlikely that a home lash application will result in a finished look you’ll be proud of. For example, picking up a pair of kitchen shears and giving yourself a DIY haircut isn’t likely to get you the result you’re looking for. The same can be said for DIY lashes, which can also:

  • Cause irritation that could lead to infection (poor quality adhesive and using more glue than you need are common occurrences with DIY lash applications).
  • Lead to the temporary or permanent loss of your natural eyelashes (this is why you need the experts!)

Meanwhile, professional eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge are

  • Customized to fit your eye shape and lash goals.
  • Applied by trained lash stylists in a safe salon environment.
  • Hygienic.
  • Made of the highest quality materials.

While the initial application is an investment, our guests report spending less money in the long run on their overall routine AND spending less time in front of the mirror. Guests who choose professional extensions from The Lash Lounge are also more confident in their overall appearance and often go makeup-free. 🤩

Say Yes to Professional Lash Extensions

For safe and GORGEOUS lashes, the choice is clear. Professional lashes from The Lash Lounge mean:

  • Extensions applied by a trained stylist.
  • A fully customized look.
  • Longer-lasting results.
  • Beautiful, makeup-free lashes.
  • Relaxing appointments.
  • Aftercare education and high-quality products.

Find Professional Eyelash Extensions Near Me

From faux mink to d curls, your fully customized lash look is just one appointment away. Don’t wait another day to find the lashes you love! Schedule an appointment today with The Lash Lounge nearest you: