Tips for a Full and Natural Eyebrow Makeup Look

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  • August 8th, 2022
A woman with natural looking brows and makeup faces the camera and smiles

Ready to nail the natural makeup look this summer? A lite and dewy complexion is best framed by a fuss-free brow.

What do fuss-free brows look like? They are cleaned-up, not overplucked (but groomed) or tinted to the perfect, complimentary shade.

When factoring each of these things for no-fuss brows, in return you’ll have beautiful eyebrows that frame your face AND draws attention to your eyes. Another perk: Our eyebrow services reduce the time you spend applying makeup or standing in front of a magnifying mirror to pluck. Having full and well-shaped brows that look healthy and natural IS possible and The Lash Lounge is here to help YOU! 🤩

How to Do Natural Eyebrows

When it comes to natural brows that look polished and fresh, keeping them groomed is key! For some other ways to make your brows look natural, here are our 3 FAVORITE tips:

  1. Go for eyebrow threading! Flawless and natural eyebrows with no makeup are possible! Our favorite way to get the eyebrow shape of your dreams and keep them 100% natural: eyebrow threading. At The Lash Lounge, our stylists can customize a threading service to best fit your face and eye shape. During the service, our stylists then use a hand-held Helix tool to precisely clean up your brows, making them look well-shaped and maintained without you having to use ANY makeup. ✔️
  2. Follow the shape of your natural brow. If you’re not ready to give brow threading a go and you use a brow pencil or filler brush, it’s important that you fill and apply properly. To do this, you will start from the inside of your brow near your nose and move outwards, following your natural arch. Remember to use light strokes if using a pencil to keep your brows from appearing too makeup heavy.
  3. Blend it! When adding any other type of makeup to your brows, it’s all about blending! This will keep your eyebrows looking simple and natural. This will also help you fill in any sparse areas to keep the makeup cohesive and unnoticeable throughout your brow line. When using makeup on your brows, remember that blending is essential when aiming for a natural eyebrow makeup look.

How to Make Your Brows Look Fuller

Who doesn’t LOVE to have full and lush eyebrows?!? We certainly do! However, we know that a full brow line doesn’t come naturally to many. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple tricks so you can make your eyebrows appear as full as you desire:

close-up of a woman brushing her brows upward

1. Try eyebrow tinting! At The Lash Lounge, eyebrow tinting is WHERE IT’S AT if you want to embolden your natural brows. Whether you have light-colored or thin eyebrows or you’re simply looking for a maintenance- and makeup-free brow look, an eyebrow tint has YOUR name all over it! Get a natural eyebrow tint. When you book an appointment for brow tinting at The Lash Lounge, your stylist will combine top-notch tinting products with their expertise to provide a custom look all for you. The result: naturally beautiful brows with a new hue that will last up to four fab weeks! 🙌

2. Brush your brows upwards. Using a clean brow brush, comb your eyebrows in the natural shape of your brow line. Why? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Brushing the hairs upward can give you the effect of naturally full brows.

3. Use multiple shades. If you’ve opted out of brow tinting for now and you’re still going to use brow pencils, gel or a powder to get the look you want, you’ll love this tip! Try using multiple shades on your brows versus a single color. This can be a great way to add definition and create that fuller, rich look you want. Just don’t forget to blend the colors! (That’s right, we’re back to blending!) Blending the shades will keep your brows looking lush and natural.

Your Natural Beauty, Enhanced

At The Lash Lounge, one of our many goals is for you to be completely obsessed and IN LOVE with your natural look! This is the very reason why the brow services we offer are tailored to fit you. And that’s not all! Combining services is another big part of what we do at our salons and that’s goes for brows, too! When you combine both brow threading AND tinting together to achieve a natural brow appearance, that fresh shape and sharp shade will give your eyebrows a look like never before! 🤩

For makeup-free lashes:

  • A lash lift will enhance the natural curl of your lashes. Your lash lift will keep you away from your lash curler or mascaras whose promised curl diminishes throughout a day of wear.
  • With a range of customization options, lash extensions can add to your natural lashes, giving your lashes a fuller and more defined look without the need for mascara.
  • Go for lash tinting to darken your natural lashes and give you an emboldened makeup-free look.

Let The Lash Lounge Help You Get Full and Flawless Eyebrows

Ready to feel confident and beautiful with your new natural look? Make an appointment and chat with a Lash Lounge stylist so you can learn what services and customizations are perfect for YOU. 🥰