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Timeless Permanent Makeup from Licensed Professionals

Just imagine waking up in the morning and instantly being ready for the day—no makeup required. You could head straight to the gym or bus stop with confidence. You could even start your day with a swim in the pool and jump out with your makeup perfectly in place. At The Lash Lounge Charlotte – Waverly, we can make your makeup hassles disappear with permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is so much more than a tattoo. We blend exactly the right custom pigments to naturally enhance your facial features. We invest in the highest quality products to achieve the best results with each application. Every step is performed to perfection to ensure a fabulous look. With your makeup set in place for good, you can look effortlessly glamourous any time of day! It’s time to step up and take charge of your beauty with a timeless look that goes wherever you do.

Trusted Service

The Lash Lounge is synonymous with quality. We have taken the world of beauty by storm with a range of services that help draw attention to your best features. We have a passion for beauty and its empowering effects. You can trust us to combine the highest level of service with the best results for a look you’ll love. Are you ready to see beauty the way we do?

Comfortable Application

There is no need to set foot into a plastic surgeon’s office; with permanent makeup, you can refresh your face in just one visit! Botox and dermal fillers are expensive and require countless follow-up appointments. Our permanent makeup stands the test of time, so it’s easy to rock the classic makeup look you love every single day. All permanent makeup is applied with the use of a topical anesthetic, so you can enjoy a comfortable service. Get ready for dazzling, effortless looks that add balance to your day!

Woman at coffee shop viewing phone with permanent makeup done by The Lash Lounge
Woman at coffee shop permanent makeup done by The Lash Lounge

No-Maintenance Mornings

No hassle here! Permanent makeup makes it easy to get up and go. Skipping out in the middle of lunch to fix your makeup is totally a thing of the past. No matter where the day takes you, you’ll be ready – no prep time or touch-ups needed. That’s less time at the mirror and more time doing what you love.

Your permanent makeup will never bleed, streak, run or smudge. That’s right: Swim, hike, laugh, and live the way you want. Whether you’re conquering hiking trails or the board room, you can prepare for the day with one less thing on your mind. Now that sounds like a daily routine we can get behind.

Natural Results

We’re all about helping you get the easy, carefree lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Once you are cleared by your physician, we can blend pigment to give you the perfect, natural look. Now, you can wake up with looks that match the way you feel on the inside. Book your appointment today!