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Winter Makeup Looks for Brides

  • Published
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  • November 22nd, 2023
A bride and groom looking at each other during their outdoor wedding

Having a winter wedding in Raleigh? Looking for the PERFECT winter makeup look? We’ve got you!

Check out some stunning looks for winter brides plus the best lashes to pair with each look so your wedding day makeup style can come to life!

Winter Wedding Makeup Ideas

For a winter wedding in NC, many brides opt for warm makeup and glowing skin to contrast the often gloomy, misty weather. Doing this is sure to make a statement on the big day! 👰🏽 🍾

See our favorite winter bridal makeup looks (and the lashes that make the overall look a perfect match!):

Rosy Cheeks

Makeup: Bring a touch of color to your cheeks with a rosy blush that mimics the flush you get from the cold weather. 🌹 Think soft pinks and berry shades which will work beautifully for a winter wedding.

Lashes: The perfect lash service to pair with rosy cheeks in our book is a full set of classic lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Raleigh – Brier Creek. With one extension attached to each natural lash, our classic lash application will give your eyes a natural-looking lash line to further help your radiant winter makeup look shine.

Close-up of woman's face with a full set of lash extensions

Dramatic Eyes

Makeup: For a bold eye look, consider rich, smoky tones like deep purples, plums or navy blues for your eyeshadow pallet. These shades complement the season in Raleigh and add a sultry touch to your bridal look. Pair this with a winged or intentionally smudged eyeliner.

Lashes: For a dramatic lash look for your big day volume lash extensions are where.it’s.at! Our volume application method will give you the full, show stopping lash look you’re after! How is this achieved, you wonder? We apply a fan of 2-6 extensions to your natural lash leaving you with a fluffy lash line.

Glowing Complexion

Makeup: If that flawless bridal look is more your vibe, you’ll want to start by using a hydrating primer followed by a foundation that matches your skin tone. Since your skin can become dry in the winter, you’ll want to opt for a dewy finish for foundation OR add a luminous primer to achieve a radiant glow. This will keep your skin from looking dry…which NO bride wants on her magical day in NC!

Lashes: Pair your glowing complexion with hybrid lash extensions! Hybrid eyelash extensions will give you a soft lash look that complements your natural makeup glow. With this combo, you’ll look naturally refreshed and polished. The hybrid application method combines both our classic and volume applications – perfect pair! 💕

TIP: Enhance your glowing complexion with rosy cheeks to be on trend with the full rosy makeup trend that’s all about dewy skin with impactful blush! Adding a full set of lash extensions to this trend will give you a complete princess wedding look for your special day in Raleigh.

Winter-Ready Lips

Makeup: Give your pout some punch when you opt for long-lasting lipstick in a deep, romantic shade. Think reds, wine or berry hues which are perfect for winter weddings. 💋 (Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying lipstick to prevent chapping!)

Lashes: The best lashes to pair with your romantic winter lips: tinted lashes. This natural lash look will give your lash line dimension with a color that complements your features without distracting from the main event: your romantic winter lips!

mid-shot of black woman on her wedding day

Highlight and Contour

Makeup: If you want a winter wedding makeup look that leans on your natural radiance, enhance your facial features with subtle contouring and highlighting. A soft touch of highlighter on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow will add dimension to your beautiful features.

Lashes: Pair your natural makeup look with this service that celebrates your lash line: a lash lift. This eyelash service will curl your natural eyelashes to give your eyes a subtle pop.

How to Pick the Right Wedding Makeup Look

Feeling frazzled about picking the BEST look for you? 😬

We get it, which is why we recommend the following:

  • Get your lash service a couple of months before your big day! This will give you time to go with one lash service and decide if you like it or want to upgrade your look.
  • Do makeup trial runs. Try those lip colors and test contour levels (and more) before the big day!
  • Make sure it’s picture-perfect! Try photographing yourself so you can compare the different looks and see which one you love most.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the look that makes YOU look and feel the most comfortable and confident. ❤️

Get started finding your bridal lash look with services from The Lash Lounge Raleigh – Brier Creek! Our professional stylists will help you customize a lash style for the winter bridal look of your dreams. ❄️