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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

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  • December 5th, 2022
A woman reaches under a Christmas tree for a holiday gift

Pick a Gift With Ease!

Finding the right gift for everyone on your list in Princeton isn’t always easy. You want to pick something they’ll appreciate and use, but you don’t want to break your budget. 🎁 The first step to finding the right gift is having the right mindset to pick the perfect gift to fit that special someone.

How to Pick a Gift for Anyone on Your List

Buying for everyone on your list can be tricky, especially if they haven’t shared a wishlist! Luckily, there are ways to make the gifting process easier for yourself.

Try some of these tricks from The Lash Lounge Princeton – MarketFair to help you think of what to buy even the pickiest person on your list:

A woman sitting smiles as she is handed a holiday gift
  • Write a list of their favorite things. Listing things you know someone loves can get you in the right headspace to think of related gifts they’d appreciate.
  • Give a gift that solves a problem. Think about how your recipient goes about their everyday life in NJ and consider if any useful items could bring them a little joy or ease during their routine. Whether it’s a certificate for a massage for your friend who’s on their feet all day, or a stylish portable phone charger for the person whose battery is always at 1%, they’ll be sure to put it to good use!
  • Ask other friends and family for help. If you’re truly stuck, don’t be afraid to ask others close to the recipient for tips and ideas.
  • Investigate their interest. One easy way to learn more about someone’s interests is through their online presence. Check their Instagram and Facebook pages to get insight into their interests. 🕵️ Checking brands and local businesses they follow is a great way to learn what they’re into!

Now that you have some extra skills to brainstorm thoughtful gift ideas for everyone on your list, make your shopping experience even easier with our favorite gifts that nearly anyone will love.

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Personalized Gift Ideas

  • Homemade photo calendar—Making a personalized calendar online is easy, fun and sure to be a hit! Fill it with photos of you and the recipient or find images online of their favorite things! Like their favorite celebrities, animals or vacation destination. The homemade touch will go a long way and make them feel extra special.
  • Custom pet socks—No, we don’t mean socks for a pet. We’re talking about socks that have photos of your recipient’s furry friend(s) all over them. You can even mix it up and get the recipient’s face printed on the socks, too! This is a fun and easy gift for that someone in Princeton who has it all.
  • Monogrammed leather goods—From wallets to laptop cases, having a quality leather item monogrammed is a nice way to customize a gift that will be used and loved for years to come.
A holiday gift card to The Lash Lounge for lash and brow services

Self-care and Beauty Gift Ideas

  • A Lash Lounge gift card*—You can never go wrong with a self-care gift for that special, deserving person in your life. Anyone on your list will love the opportunity to get custom lash extensions or any other custom lash or brow service. THIS is truly the gift that keeps on giving because services from The Lash Lounge Princeton – MarketFair leave guests with results that can last for weeks, not to mention a simplified beauty routine!
    • For clean and well-shaped brows, they can try brow threading, or go for an elegant and maintenance-free lash look with lash extensions. There are so many lash and brow services to try! (Hint: Give your friends and family their gift card a little before the holidays so they can have flawless lashes and brows for all the seasonal festivities.)
  • Silk pillowcase—Not only will this type of pillowcase be ultra-smooth and comfy, but it also minimizes friction on hair (lashes included) and sensitive skin. While simple, this gift is luxurious and easy for anyone to add to their pillowcase rotation. Could make a nice stocking stuffer, too!
  • Soothing beauty products—Safe and natural beauty products are a MUST HAVE in NJ! They’re great for your skin and can make any self-care routine feel more luxurious. As the weather cools down in Princeton and the air gets dry, it’s especially important to find products that help calm the skin.
    • Our go-to product: Lash Detox Foaming Cleanser from The Lash Lounge Princeton – MarketFair. Did you know that lash shedding can be impacted by drier weather? That’s right! Treat your gift recipient with a cleanser that soothes, refreshes and gently cleanses their lashes and face . This cleanser comes in two formulas: an unscented formula infused with golden chamomile extract and a tea tree-infused formula. This product is a favorite for those who love to indulge in self-care gift ideas!

Gifts Anyone Will Like

  • Insulated water bottle—A water bottle that can keep drinks hot or cool all day can be used by someone on the go and is a convenient way to stay hydrated throughout the day no matter where you are in NJ: work or home. To make this even more special, find a fun sticker that reminds you of the recipient so they can personalize their water bottle.
  • Weighted blanket—This is a gift that anyone can use! A cozy weighted blanket is perfect for the holiday season and can help relieve stress. Pick a color that matches their style aesthetic for a personal touch.
  • Portable speaker—If you’re in a pinch and need a gift that anyone in Princeton can use, try a portable Bluetooth speaker. Your friends and family can jam to their favorite music or podcasts wherever they go! 📻

Gift-giving Made Simple With The Lash Lounge

Make your gift shopping in NJ a breeze! Remember that personal touches go a long way, and a gift that can be put to practical use is always appreciated.

Gifting someone a trip to The Lash Lounge Princeton – MarketFair where they can treat themselves to lash and brow services is like two gifts in one! It gives the recipient time to relax and enjoy some self-care AND leaves long-lasting results that will keep them feeling beautiful in their new look for weeks. 😍 Visit the The Lash Lounge Princeton – MarketFair to inquire about a gift card purchase and lash care products. Happy shopping! 🎁

*Contact us to inquire about gift cards and to check on potential gift card promotions during December 2022.