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3 Before & After Lash Extensions Sets to Inspire The New You at The Lash Lounge Flemington – The Shoppes at Flemington

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • November 30th, 2022
young asian woman with pink hair smiling big with new lash extensions for the new year

Lash Extensions: A 2021 New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep!

2021 has arrived (finally 🙌🏽) in Flemington, NJ! Along with the promise of a new year comes an opportunity for everything to look better and more beautiful than ever…starting with YOU.

Get ready to be blown away by 3 mesmerizing lash transformations and let them inspire your own new you for the new year journey…with lashes!

A Classic Lash Application Transformation at The Lash Lounge Flemington – The Shoppes at Flemington

When guest Stacey visited1, she not only was excited she was finally about to get lash extensions, but was also overjoyed to transform her complete look! During her consultation, she sat down with her stylist and together they discussed the customizable options. After assessing Stacey’s natural lashes, they talked through the custom possibilities and decided to go with a full set of classic lashes.

classic full set of eyelash extensions before and after

The Beauty of Our Classic Lash Extensions

Like Stacey, many of our guests love our classic application method because it creates a natural yet enhanced lash line. This subtle yet striking look is achieved when the stylist attaches a single lash extension to one natural eyelash.

Full-Set Finishing Touches

Stacey went with silk lashes and a lovely C curl to complete her look. Just like the name, the results were quintessentially classic—exactly what she had hoped for!

Volume Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Old habits be gone! As we give a big bear hug to the new year, it’s time to say, “Out with the old, in with the new…SELF-CARE!” We’re all about “no shame, all lash game.” You have to take care of YOU first…just like this guest2! Once she and her trusted stylist discussed the options and looked through our Lash Catalog, the decision was an easy one: a custom full set of volume lashes.

volume full set of eyelash extensions before and after

How Volume Eyelash Extensions Are Applied

Meticulously mastered for each guest, our volume lash application is built when our professional stylist attaches one handmade fan of two or more lash extensions to the natural eyelash. This process is tailored to each guest’s unique eye shape and natural lashes to create a one-of-a-kind look.

A New Look with Volume Lashes

The before-and-after results of this volume lash application have us basking in lash admiration! This full custom set included silk lashes and a D curl, which ultimately created a show-stopping lash line full of voluminous fluff!

The Lash Lounge Flemington – The Shoppes at Flemington Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Before and After

On the fence about whether or not lash extensions were for her, first-time guest Christine visited1 for a one-on-one consultation. Not one to wear much makeup, her goal was to do something to make her eyes pop. She asked her trusted stylist questions and together they determined a full set of custom hybrid lashes was the way to go.

hybrid full set of eyelash extensions before and after

How Hybrid Lash Extensions Create the Perfect Mix

Like many of our first-time guests, Christine loved the look of volume lashes and the idea of sticking with more of a natural appearance. Luckily, our hybrid lashes are a mix of both applications: classic and volume. This combination provided Christine with the fullness, length and texture she was looking for.

Blown Away by Custom Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Once Christine’s custom lashes were complete, she had a stunning full set of silk, hybrid lash extensions with a D curl. When she finally got to take a peek in the mirror, she was blown away by her lashes before and after…just like we are!

A New You (With Lash Extensions) for the New Year!

Have these custom lash extensions before and after photos inspired you to embark on your own new you journey?

Schedule an appointment at The Lash Lounge Flemington – The Shoppes at Flemington today! We can’t wait to see you and create a custom look that’s all your own.