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Get A Sun-Kissed Glow AND Protect Your Lash Extensions

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  • September 1st, 2023
floppy hat, sunglasses and Lash Armor sealant resting on a sandy beach

You love a full lash line and time in the sun in Reno, but can you go in the sun with eyelash extensions? And what about tanning beds with lash extensions or spray tanning?

We’ve got the shining answers to these questions PLUS more glowing tips!  ☀️

Fun in the Sun with Eyelashes

We know that when we’re in the sun in NV or on vacay, it’s a must to protect our skin. But what about eyelashes in the sun? Are they safe when exposed to those shining rays?

The quick answer: Yes, your lashes can be in the sun BUT we do recommend taking a few steps to protect them, especially if exposure is going to be for a longer period of time. (Hello, beach day! 🏖)

Another common question: Does eyelash glue melt in the sun?

When harsh sun rays AND heat are combined, this could take its toll on your lash extensions, particularly the adhesive (AKA lash glue) that keeps your extensions bonded with your natural lashes.

Our suggestion here at The Lash Lounge Reno – The Summit: Apply at least one (if not all) of the following tips so you can enjoy the sun with eyelash extensions! 🌤

  • Wear Sunglasses: The right pair of sunnies are a must when in the sun. And if they’re UV protective shades, even better!
woman laying on stomach on beach towel with hat

Sunglasses will protect your lash line AND are great for the overall health and protection of your eyes when in the sun. 😎

  • Apply a Lash Sealant: Shielding your lash line against harsh elements like sunlight and heat is easy when you use a lash sealant like Lash Armor.

This protective product acts as a barrier for your lash line and locks in longevity even when basking in those golden beams.

  • Hats Off? Nope, Hats ON: If you’re a hat lover, you’re gonna love this tip: Wear a hat! Any hat whether a floppy hat, fashion-forward fedora or a baseball cap to shade your lashes from the sun.

But if you really want to secure the safety of your lashes (and face), go for a specific sun protectant hat. With a variety out there and in stylish options, a UPF hat (50+) is the best! 👒

  • Limit Exposure: While this tip is the simplest of them all, it may be the hardest one . If you’re on vacation, having a pool day or doing yard work, we get that it may be hard to limit your time out in the rays.

Even if it’s popping under an umbrella or indoors for a bit, any brief break from the sun is good!

Can I Tan with Lash Extensions?

Whether from mother sun herself, a tanning bed, self-tanning lotion or a spray tan, many lash lovers often wonder: Can I tan with lash extensions?

Here’s the 4-1-1 for getting that flawless glow AND keeping your lash extensions safe while doing it!

Tanning Bed with Lash Extensions

Can we be brutally honest here? We don’t recommend going the tanning bed route these days. 😔 (It’s just not good for your skin or your lash extensions!)

BUT if you must get your tan on in Reno, no judgement. Just keep the below in the know:

  • Exposure from bulbs in a tanning bed can be just as harmful as natural sunlight (or worse!) since your lashes are closer to those illuminating lights. 💡
  • Along with the UV exposure, your lash extensions will also endure heat in a tanning bed which is not ideal.
  • Do not keep your eye area or lash extensions fully exposed or uncovered in a tanning bed.
    • #1: this is not good for your eyes in general 🙅🏻‍♀️
    • #2: wearing goggles is the best thing to do to protect your eyes and lashes in a tanning bed

Tip: Many tanning bed establishments provide small goggles for your eyes. If they don’t, we recommend purchasing a pair. (hello, Amazon Prime!)

upright tan arm against pink background with self-tanner lotion

Spray Tanning with Lash Extensions

To obtain a quick, even, natural-looking tan, a spray tan does wonders. And good news: you can spray tan with lash extensions!

Just know:

  • Like with tanning beds, you should cover your lashes before a spray tan
  • Lash care is essential!
    • Apply Lash Armor for extra protection if you can. (In case those trusted goggles were to move out of place.)
    • Clean your lashes soon after (or at least the day of) your spray tan. Watch our how-to video here!

Self-Tanning at Home

More of a DIY tanner in Reno? We get that! When applying a self-tanner at home, the tips are pretty much the same:

  • If using a lotion, keep it clear from your lash line. Many of these self-tanning lotions contain oil-based ingredients which are not good for lash extensions.
  • Using a spray? Do the same things we noted above to protect your lashes and most of all, cover them before spraying away!

Go On, Get That Glow!

From soaking up the sun outdoors to other tanning methods to achieve that glistening glow, by now you know that whatever option you choose, your lash extensions will be fine as long as you take the proper steps to protect them in the process.

If you don’t have lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Reno – The Summit yet but feel good about getting them now that you know keeping your glow is a go (unintentional rhyme there! 😆), we’d love to see you!