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A Day in the Life of a Lash Stylist at The Lash Lounge

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  • April 11th, 2023
A smiling lash tech sitting and prepping before a lash appointment

The energy at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park is lively AND uplifting, and why wouldn’t it be?! Guests in Houston are leaving feeling as beautiful and confident as ever with fresh lashes and brows. That energy comes in thanks to professional lash techs! In fact, it’s their expert ability to help every guest feel comfortable from the moment they step into the salon to the moment they leave feeling gorgeous. This is just what happens at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park! 💜

Take a glimpse into a lash tech’s typical day at work and learn what it takes to be a stylist in the industry.

Walk Through a Day in the Life of a Lash Tech

A lash stylist’s day typically involves prep, appointments and exceptional customer service.

Appointment Prep:

We can’t speak for other lash salons but when entering one of our salons in TX, our lash techs begin preparations for their guests (after catching up with fellow techs, of course 👋🏽). Prep includes:

  • reviewing the current guest’s lash plan
  • checking booking info for new guests
  • prepping extensions
  • finding the perfect shade for other lash and brow services
  • making sure all tools and supplies are sanitized and ready to go for whatever the service may call for.
A Lash Lounge guest looking into a mirror and smiling after her lash service

Lash techs in Houston prepare to ensure the appointment is efficient and focused from consultations to lash aftercare education, The cleanliness and comfort of their guest is also a top priority during every guest visit.

Appointment Time:

Appointment time at a lash salon is when the magic happens! Stylists meet and work with guests to find creative ways to customize lash and brow looks. Techs get to build rapport with new guests in Houston and catch up with existing guests they’ve worked with for months and even years! Each appointment with an existing guest can be different and can entail anything from lash fill or customizing any one of our lash and brow services. For new guests, a lash tech will always start with a consultation. During the consultation, the stylist will share the customizable options with their guest and help them determine which lash or brow look is best for them, their eye shape, natural lashes or brows, skin tone AND lifestyle.

That First-Look Moment:

When the custom service is complete, it’s time for the stylist to unveil their guest’s stylish new lashes and brows! During this time, the lash stylist will hand over a mirror so the guest can get an up-close and personal gaze at their NEW look! Also during this time, the lash tech will prepare the guests’ personal lash plan, educate them on aftercare and walk them to our retail area to show them which products are a must in between salon visits. Lash stylists want their guests to leave each appointment comfortable and confident with their new look and aftercare process!

Want to learn more about a day in the life of a stylist? Hear from stylists at The Lash Lounge about their experiences. 📽️

Where to Work as a New Lash Tech

It’s no surprise that if you embark on a lash extension career, we’d LOVE to welcome you to The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park. But it’s always nice to know what options are out there for places to work so you can let your lash and brow talents shine! Here are a few:

  • Work for yourself.
  • Work at a standard full-service salon.
  • Work at a designated lash salon.

Working at a lash salon (like The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park!) is the BEST option for an innovator who wants to learn about different lash and brow services and become an expert in the industry. Another perk: continued education is always offered at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park so your skillset can shine even brighter throughout your career.

Since a team of lash techs works at a lash salon, there is always another tech around to offer advice and new ideas. Lash techs enjoy spending time with each other to bounce recent industry trends and tips off one another. Working at a lash salon will also quickly help you build a loyal customer base since guests are coming to these salons specifically for those services. If you’re interested in beauty and want to be on the cutting edge of learning about new lash and brow trends or services, THIS is the workplace for you!

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Working at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park

Before working as a lash tech at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park, each stylist is required to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician.  Getting certified as a lash technician in TX may also be a requirement. By the time our lash techs are working with guests, they’ve already undergone thorough, proprietary training to ensure they can confidently support guests throughout their customized services.

If you’re considering a career in eyelash extensions, working at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park will not only provide you with a rewarding career, but the ongoing training and support will set you up for success AND make you an expert in this booming industry!

There’s no better way to learn how techs spend their day than visiting a lash salon and seeing it firsthand! When you come to The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park for your lash and brow services, ask your stylist about their typical day. We can bet they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions. Nothing is more gratifying to our stylists than a guest leaving with a newfound glow of confidence in their look and service. 🌟