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Natural Lash Enhancement Products: Are They Worth It?

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  • July 27th, 2023
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The natural beauty look has made quite a buzz and in the lash industry, too. From a natural lash serum to lash enhancements, see options for getting a natural lash look to love.

Natural Lash Goals

Not all of us were born with naturally long, lush or voluminous lashes. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget about our natural lash goals! 😉 For decades, people have been trying a number of methods to get their lashes to grow naturally. From ointments and oils to certain kinds of lash brushes and serums, trying to grow lashes naturally is nothing new.

Today the options of supplements and serums are plentiful and popular! Even though lash extensions have become the easiest way to obtain a fuller lash line, for those who aren’t ready to take the lash extensions leap, getting your natural lashes to grow is the next best thing.

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How To Grow Lashes Naturally

Take your short eyelashes to the next level by trying one or all of the following ways to get your eyelashes to grow naturally.

  • Fuel Your Lash Line with Food: If you’ve been reading our blog for a while or you follow us on social media, then you’ve heard us dish on superfoods and lashes. Whelp, get ready again cause we’re here to remind you that supplying your body with the right foods can promote hair and lash growth.

From fish rich with omega-3 fatty acid, to nuts, avocados, eggs, Greek yogurt and more, adding the right nutrient rich foods regularly to your diet can make a difference.

  • Use A Lash Serum: If you’re all about buying and trying beauty products, then a lash serum is for you! Our go-to: NeuLash Professional™. This premier product not only promotes lash growth, but it can revitalize and strengthen your eyelashes. (Even with lash extensions, too!) Wondering how lash serums like NeuLash Professional™ work? Or how to use an eyelash serum? Get the answers here! 

TIP:  Check with us here at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park to see if we carry NeuLash Professional™.

  • Lash Care Counts: Even while eating superfoods and using a lash serum, taking care of your natural lashes is a sure way to keep them healthy so they can grow. This means cleansing your lashes every day to get rid of dirt, debris, body oils and makeup that accumulates along your lash line. Giving your clean lashes a gentle comb through once or twice a day is also essential when caring for your lashes.

Already tried one or all of these methods and seen results? Send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages. We’d love to hear what worked for you!

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Lash Enhancement Options for Short Lashes!

If you’re trying to take your short lashes to new heights, we hope the info above will help you find a natural way to get them to grow or find a natural lash serum that works for you. Either way, if you’re looking for an instant way to up your lash game, lash extensions are always an option.

Here at The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park, our top priority is the health of your natural lashes which is why every lash look is customized for every guest. We will not apply extensions that are too heavy or more than your natural lash line can handle because we care about the integrity of your natural eyelashes.

Just something to remember if you decide to go the natural-looking lash extension route! 💜

Natural Lash Enhancement Products and Services Await!

Whether you want to purchase a lash serum or you’re looking for a custom lash look all your own, The Lash Lounge Houston – Vintage Park is here to help you. From our front desk staff to our expert stylists in Houston, we’d love to welcome you and get your natural lashes looking better than ever.