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Are These Eyelash Extension Trends in 2023 Worthy of the Hype?

  • Published
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  • September 1st, 2023
Close-up of stylish blonde woman with lash extensions

Lashes in 2023 are all about lightness and separation, and we’re LOVING the naturally wispy and lengthened looks many of our guests in TX are going for.

With each year’s trends, there also comes makeup looks that push the boundaries, make a statement AND lashes are no exception. If you want to mix up your lash look, experiment with a trend!

Extensions are easy to alter because you can switch up the look and try something new without it lasting a lifetime. From doll-like manga lashes to cat-eyeliner-inspired, we’re here to break down these trending 2023 lash styles.

Try These 4 Lash Trends in 2023

A close-up of an eye with textured russian lash extensions for a dense lash line
  • Textured lash extensions—This rising trend utilizes a hybrid lash application method. Among your classic extensions, volume lashes are strategically spaced to give your lash line the best of both worlds: fullness and definition PLUS a naturally wispy look. For a textured effect, volume lashes are mixed in with the classic lashes for a more dramatic look. To complement a minimal makeup look (a trend that isn’t going anywhere), pair fluttery textured lash extensions to give your lashes an extra oomph without going full glam.
  • Manga lashes—Manga, or anime lashes, take inspiration from the textured lash trend but boosts them up a notch (or ten). 😉 To get this lash look, once again it’s our hybrid lash application method that you should go for. Think less natural wisp and a more defined, show-stopping lash line. Chat with your stylist in San Antonio on how to customize our hybrid application to achieve manga-style lashes. When it’s all said and done, your new look can create a rounded and open look for your eyes. How? Manga lashes make a statement and give the eye a wider doll-like effect. If you want a stronger anime or doll look, pair your lash extensions with a pastel eyeshadow. Bright pastel shadows (and blushes) are a trend that ruled the spring/summer 2023 runways.
  • Cat-eye lash extensions—Love a cat-eye look? It’s just what you need if you have almond-shaped and elongated eyes. To achieve this trend, you’ll want to chat with your stylist at The Lash Lounge San Antonio – The Rim about the options and having your extensions go longer toward the outer edge of the eye. Our rec to get this timeless yet sultry look: Get our volume lash application! 😻 While this is a big trend in 2023, it’s a lash look with sexy drama that we know is here to stay. It’s all the glam of traditional cat-eye eyeliner with a voluminous lash approach.
  • Russian lashes—Contrary to other trends going for length and softness, this look is all about a shorter and saturated lash line. This trend is great for filling in gaps between sparse lashes as multiple extensions are attached to each natural lash (we’re talking lash level 3 here). This thicker lash look can even give the effect of wearing eyeliner. Another rec to top off the Russian lash look: Go with a D curl! It’s the perf option for achieving this eyelash extension trend. Obsessing over the ‘90s grunge beauty resurgence? Try pairing dense lashes with a dark lip liner and smudged eyeshadow. You’ll look fresh out of the latest “trends to watch” beauty campaign!

Are These Lash Trends in 2023 Worth the Hype?

Okay, now it’s time to ask the big question: Should you try these trends or stick with the lash look you know and love?

When it comes to experimenting with your lash extension look, we’re always in favor of going for a trend (AKA, the hype is REAL). 😍 In other words, try something new if it sparks your interest! It’s easy to try new trends without having to overly commit because we recommend getting a lash fill every two weeks to touch up your look.

This means if you want a stronger cat-eye during one visit, go for it! Then opt for a textured lash look two weeks later. No matter the look that’s speaking to you, discover if the hype is real for yourself!

Stay on Trend with Your Lashes

For help picking the best trend for your natural lash line, talk to your lash stylist in San Antonio. Your technician will work with you to create a custom lash look that makes YOU feel like the BEST version of yourself AND one that complements your natural eye shape and features. After all, when you’re at The Lash Lounge San Antonio – The Rim, you’re always in good hands. 💜