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Can You Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 10th, 2022
close-up of a woman's hand holding an open tube of mascara

Mascara. Do a happy dance because you don’t NEED it with your gorgeous new custom lashes!

Still WANT it? Find out how to do mascara smart with eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend!

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Why Mascara is Not Needed with your Sandy Eyelash Extensions

Here’s the T: Typically, after guests get their first full set of lashes, they’ve got mascara in hand, ready to chuck it in the nearest trash bin. Why? Custom eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend are everything they’ve always wished their mascara was!

Lash extensions are a one-stop POWERFUL shop for:

  • length
  • fullness
  • rich color
  • curl
  • volume
  • definition

The list could go on and on!

And here’s the real kicker: Your custom lash extensions will look 100x MORE FLAWLESS than any mascara! Minus those icky clumps, flakes or smudges.

TIP: If you used to love the look of a few coats of mascara, ask your stylist to use our silk lashes! This lash type provides a semi-matte satin finish and the flawless appearance of a bold sweep of mascara.

How to Wear Mascara with Lash Extensions…If You Must 😉

For those of you who may still want to wear mascara on occasion, it is possible. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Only wear a water-based, lash extension-safe mascara.
  • Clean your lashes daily (like you should be doing already!) with our lash extension-friendly cleansers to remove the mascara.
  • Know the mascara you’re going to use is safe for your extensions by purchasing it at The Lash Lounge (We’re talking oil-free, alcohol-free, water-based mascara made specially for lash extensions!)

Speaking of mascara at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend…ready for some EXCITING PRODUCT NEWS? Our NEW Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo will be available soon (if not already on your local salon shelves!). Yes, you heard right—now, all in one magical tube, you’ll have the options of our former Volumizing Mascara (with lash-thickening fibers) and Lengthening Mascara (enriched with Keratin) to safely provide you and your lashes with the extra oomph you’re looking for.

Ask Away at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend

If you ever have any questions about what products are safe with lash extensions or how a product should be applied, our staff and stylists are here and ready to answer any and every question you have. But first…