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How to Rescue Overplucked Brows At The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • July 11th, 2022
brunette white woman looking in a mirror while tweezing her eyebrows

Did you overpluck your eyebrows back in the day? You’re not alone!

If your brows could use some love, The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend can help. We’re dishing on the two services, plus the tried-and-true serum to bring your brows BACK like never before!

Brow Threading: The Eyebrow Mishap Savior!

Scratching your head wondering how brow threading can help your overplucked situation? 🤔

Here’s the deal: Our stylists are trained to thread your brows in just the right areas to clean them up and give them the lovely new shape they deserve.

Little-known fact: Did you know eyebrow threading is not just for those with bushy or overgrown eyebrows? It’s for anyone who has brow hairs that could use a little shaping action…a.k.a.: EVERYONE!

close-up of white woman's eye showing a before and after of her eyebrow tint

Brow Tinting: The Self-Care Eyebrows Crave!

Maybe you look in the mirror and cringe at your barely there, colorless brows? Or perhaps you hardly even notice them at all? If so, brow tinting is calling YOUR name!

When you get your brows tinted at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend, our professional stylist will customize your service based on your desired look, hair color, and even skin tone. From an immediate color boost to making them appear thicker AND fuller, this quick service (we’re talking 30 minutes, give or take) will truly liven up your lusterless brows!

*Eyebrow tinting is not available at all salons. Please check with your local Lash Lounge for availability near you.

A Quick Brow Dye Aside

Here at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend, our brow dyes are 100% gentle and safe and, unlike other dyes, what we use is created specifically for eyebrows.* We also use a low-volume developer, which helps negate any potential tingling sensation you may have experienced in the past. During the service, we also request you keep your eyes closed. Not all salons or stylists do this, but you and your comfort are always our #1 priority!

If you’re still iffy about sensitivities or an allergic reaction, ask our salon about a patch test which can be performed prior to the service.

*If you are prone to allergy sensitivities or reactions, we recommend giving us a call before booking an appointment and asking which services would be a better fit for you.

tube of brow serum product neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ on top of a green leaf

Brow Serum Benefits

To give your brows an enhanced appearance, a brow serum used alone or in conjunction with threading and tinting will take your eyebrow makeover game to gorgeous new heights!

What’s our go-to brow serum at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend? neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™! This Ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested serum protects, conditions, and hydrates your
natural eyebrows while promoting strength. Full of biotin and essential vitamins, using neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ once per day on a clean face and clean brows will do wonders if continuously used as directed. In fact, in as little as two months, you can expect to achieve a more defined, fuller brow line!

Snag this serum in our salons and get ready to be blown away by the results!

Get Your Brows Gorgeous Again!

Whether you try one or all of these things, you will be delighted when you look in the mirror. You’ll shout an enthusiastic “Goodbye” to your overplucked brow nightmare of the past and “Hello” to the new, confident you.

Get ready for a little extra pep in your step and snapping more selfies than ever before. That’s the natural confidence boost that comes from a trip to The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend!

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