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When To Visit The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend Before Your Wedding

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  • January 10th, 2022
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You’ve picked your dress, flowers and have decided eyelash extensions are a MUST for your wedding day! But when do you get The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend eyelash extensions before your wedding? Keep reading for all the deets!

When to Book Your First Lash Appointment at The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend

From the décor to the guest list, menu, and everything in between, you’ve spent months planning your wedding and mulling over all the details.

It has to be PERFECT…including your lashes. Now that you’re on the lash extensions train, you’re wondering when you need to book your appointment.

THE SHORT VERSION: The sooner, the better!

In fact, we suggest you book your appointment for your first full set of lash extensions at least 3–6 months ahead of time. Why??

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5 Reasons Brides Should Get Eyelash Extensions Early

We’re dishing up the 5 reasons lash extensions also deserve some advanced planning before your wedding:

• Reason #1: Give Yourself Time to Customize: The sooner you get eyelash extensions for your wedding, the more time you’ll have to customize and fine-tune the look you want. For instance, you might start out with our classic application method. At first, they might be just what you had in mind. Fast forward a few weeks, and you might decide you want more drama. So, you ask your stylist for volume lashes during your refill appointment. On average, it takes 2–3 lash fill visits to transform your lash line into your new preferred lash look. If you start the lash experimentation process early, your stylist will have time to get your lash line full and voluminous before your wedding day!

• Reason #2: Enjoy Beautiful Lashes for Your Wedding Festivities: Having your lashes lush and lovely for the big day is a no-brainer, but why not have them for ALL of those important wedding festivities? From showers to bachelorette parties, brunches and the rehearsal dinner, lash extensions will make you feel CONFIDENT AND GORGEOUS for every event!

• Reason #3: Have a Standing, Stress-Free Retreat: No matter the size of your wedding, the planning gets stressful, which is why it’s so important for you to practice self-care. Visiting The Lash Lounge Sandy – Quarry Bend every 2 weeks for your refill appointments will allow you to relax, unwind and leave those wedding stresses at the door.

• Reason #4: Rule Out Allergy Sensitivities: If you have allergy sensitivities, we have sensitive adhesive and patch testing to ensure there are no issues before your first lash service. But everyone is different! To play it extra safe, we do not recommend a bride come in the day before her wedding. Instead, schedule your first appointment ahead of time to make sure your plan is down pat with time to spare.

• Reason #5: Get Your Ladies In On the Lash Action: Once you fall in love with your new lashes, your bridesmaids, mom and mother-in-law will want them, too. So, when you start early with your lash game, your best gals will also have time to get in and get their lashes customized and beautiful for the big day. Don’t worry—they’ll be looking lovely, but you’re still going to steal the show.

All of this being said, if you’re just a couple weeks away from your big day, don’t sweat it! There’s no better time than now to get the ball rolling and get eyelash extensions for YOUR wedding!

Act Now and Ace Your Wedding Lash Look!

It’s so important to book your first lash appointment early before your wedding day. Brides, before you even think about getting stressed, just know we’re here to help you with your lash and brow needs every step of the way.

Don’t stress over getting lash strips just right or worry about mascara running down your face during your vows. Feel confident, relaxed and enjoy effortless beauty on your big day thanks to custom eyelash extensions!