2 Reasons You Should Book Lash Appointments in Advance

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 3rd, 2022
The Lash Lounge front desk area for making appointments for eyelash extensions

If you’ve ever wondered why booking your lash appointments ahead of time is SO important, get the 4-1-1 on how it can help both YOU and your beloved lash line!

black business woman with eyelash extensions

#1: Booking Lash Refills Ahead Makes Life Easier

Picture a woman. She’s confident, successful and always on the go. She has a lot to juggle but one thing she refuses to sacrifice are her lash extensions!

But what happens when she doesn’t take the time to book appointments in advance? One day she realizes she’s in desperate need of a lash refill. She frantically calls her local Lash Lounge only to learn her trusted stylist (the one she’s been seeing since day one) is all booked…with zero availability.

Your heart’s at the bottom of your stomach right now, isn’t it? That’s why booking ahead of time is so important. It’ll make your life so. much. easier:

• You won’t have to deal with the stress of scrambling to try and get an appointment at the last minute.
• You’ll be able to lock in lash time with your trusted stylist who you (and your eyelashes) hold near and dear.
• You will be able to get the days and times you prefer.
• Most importantly, booking ahead will keep your much-needed “me time” on the schedule!

#2: Regular Lash Extension Appointments Keeps You Looking Your Best!

If the peace and serenity of locking in your lash fill slots aren’t enough to convince you to book early, hear this:

Regular lash refill appointments keep your lash line full and fabulous. Point blank.

This is the biggie. You made an investment when you got your first full set. Don’t throw it away!

The Lash Lounge service bed for guests during eyelash extension appointments

Keeping your biweekly lash appointments locked in means:
• Your lash line will stay full without getting to the point of looking sad and sparse.
• You will not have to spend extra time or money starting from scratch with a new full set.
• Seeing your lash stylist regularly means more time for her to assess your lash line and make adjustments during refills as needed.
• You will have opportunities to further customize your lash look and try something new! 🙌🏽

Ready to Get Those Lash Appointments Booked?

If you’re finally convinced keeping Lash Day on the books ahead of time is truly a brilliant
idea, then don’t wait! Visit your local Lash Lounge online and conveniently book your appointments.

If you already have an appointment coming up, be sure to book those refills early while you’re in the salon during checkout.

Trust us! You’ll be on cloud nine knowing you and your lashes are ALL SET!