2 Reasons to Make The Lash Lounge Your New Year’s Resolution

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • March 29th, 2023
Woman ready to make The Lash Lounge a 2021 New Year’s resolution

Did you neglect yourself over the holidays? Don’t fret! Now’s the time to reinvigorate your commitment to YOU!

The Lash Lounge salon as a great New Year’s resolution

As we head into 2021, discover two reasons to pick yourself at The Lash Lounge…and bring the you you know and love back…and better than ever before!

Reason #1: Chill and Recharge at The Lash Lounge

It’s been a crazy year. The pandemic has forced some of us to put ourselves second. But not anymore! Start 2021 off with a trip into The Lash Lounge for the glorious uninterrupted “me time” you’ve been craving! It’s a New Year’s resolution you can keep!

Picture this: You walk into warm, plush, inviting oasis. When it’s time for your lash service, you lie back and relish in just how relaxing our comfy beds are (Hello, lash naps! 🙌🏼).

Content and cozy, you doze off or chat with your stylist.


Reason #2: Makeover Magic for Your Lashes and Brows!

Looked into the mirror lately and sighed? It’s 2020…we get it! It’s been easy to talk yourself out primping when your social schedule’s a little lighter than normal. At the same time, who can deny the personal power that comes from checking yourself out and going, “WOW! I LOOK GOOD!”

Be honest with yourself: you’ve neglected your lashes and brows this year. But you’re not alone, we promise! In 2021, let The Lash Lounge be your New Year’s resolution—your makeover destination for luxe lash extensions and brow breakthroughs!

Lashes at The Lash Lounge

With virtually no effort, eyelash extensions will make your eyes emerge like never before! And true story: New lashes are the best camouflage for tired and weary eyelids. They instantly brighten your entire face!

Any color lovers out there? If you’re looking to step things up in 2021, try adding some lash color to your lash line! It’s great for incorporating your favorite color into your full set of lash extensions…or showing some diehard team spirit!

smiling redheaded woman wearing red lipstick with threaded eyebrows and lash extensions

Eyebrows at The Lash Lounge

Now, for eyebrows: Our brow threading and tinting services will work wonders when it comes to creating a fresh new shape and eye-catching color boost for your brows. Both services are great solo…but they make even more of an impact when done as a duo.

We’re talking total game-changer when you get your brows both threaded and tinted!

A New and Improved You for The New Year

By leaning into self-care and showing your eyelashes and eyebrows some much deserved TLC, you’ll look refreshed, feel fearless and be ahead of the beauty game for 2021! Not to mention, you’ll also be the envy of all your friends once they see the gorgeous new and improved YOU! 💜