Why Lash Color and Brow Threading Are Calling Your Name in 2021!

  • Published
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  • January 3rd, 2022
close-up of half of a brunette woman's face featuring pink eyelash extensions on her eye

Want to take your lash extension game up a notch in 2021? Learn how eyebrow threading and adding a pop of lash color can do just that!

Lash Color for Lasting Impact!

You’re enthralled with your lash extensions already. They’re the talk of your friends…but just wait until you add lash COLOR to the mix.

If you’re one who’s all about embracing your favorite seasons or showing some team spirit, then adding lash color to your lash line throughout the year will be the PERFECT way to keep things festive! Some of the most popular color requests we receive are: blue, pink and purple!

Another reason to rock some lash color? It’ll make your personality pop through your eyes. If that’s not a reason to say hello to some hues, we don’t know what is?!? 🤷🏽

hispanic woman with threaded brows and lash extensions

Eyebrow Threading for the Win!

Don’t let scruffy brows take away from your eyelash extensions’ glory! If you’re like many, your brows might have been put on the backburner in 2020. If this was you, just think how refreshing it will be to give them a boost and put your best face forward in 2021!

The next time you schedule a lash appointment, add a quick threading service (15–45 minute depending on how many hairs there are to refresh) with it. You’ll be way ahead of the glam game for the new year! 🙌🏽

Once you see how threading will revive your neglected brows and give them a sexy, new shape, you’ll be threading for life! You’ll also be overjoyed to finally get rid of the junk in your drawers and cosmetic bag. Purging those unwanted tweezers and wax products will feel SO good as you take on the new year with simple beauty minus the maintenance.

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The Beauty in You

Whether you’re ready to give both of these services a try or you’re looking for some other services to upgrade your look in 2021, there’s so much beauty in the fact you’re inspired to do something for YOU! BRAVO!! 👏🏽 👏🏽 We’re looking forward to joining you in your self-care journey in the new year!