How Eyelash Extensions Gave Self-Care Advocate, Meg, a Pretty Pick-Me-Up

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  • January 3rd, 2022
blonde white woman smiling and happy with her eyelash extensions

As a woman all about embracing self-care, Meg was searching for something new when she discovered The Lash Lounge.

See how lash extensions gave her the pretty pick-me-up she was looking for!

Self-Care Discovery at The Lash Lounge (During COVID-19)

When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, Meg, a single mom and teacher from Michigan, didn’t let the emotionally challenging time stop her from searching for a new way to prioritize self-care. In fact, she knew that she owed it to herself more than ever before.

When she learned about The Lash Lounge, Meg called her local salon to get info about their COVID-19 safety protocols. She was so impressed by their safety standards and procedures that she made an appointment right away…her first of many future Lash Lounge appointments! She was beyond excited for her new lashes self-care sanctuary: AKA, The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes.

white woman with blonde hair and smiling with her eyes closed to show her lash extensions

 A New, Customized Lash Look!

At her consultation, Meg decided to go with an eyelash tint, followed by a full set of hybrid lash extensions. “I started off with the tint, then moved into the hybrid application. Now I’m all about hybrid volume!” When she first gazed at her gorgeous new lashes, her reaction was nothing short of priceless: “Oh my gosh! What’s that song from West Side Story? “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”

Meg also discovered how much she LOVED that her stylist, Daniella, knew just what she wanted and customized the perfect look for her, which she continues to do at each lash fill visit. “Daniella gets my lashes exactly the way I want them without me having to describe it to her.”

blonde woman who is a teacher conducting virtual learning with lash extensions

Effortless Lashes, Easy Beauty

Included with her gorgeous new lash line, Meg quickly recognized the added bonus to investing in lash extensions at The Lash Lounge: effortless, easy-breezy beauty! This was just what she needed while teaching her students virtually during quarantine and also now that she’s back in the classroom.

“When I look in the mirror first thing in the morning, I like what I see! It’s like a visual daily affirmation! And my time in the morning getting ready is nearly nilch. I love that I can get up, brush my teeth and hair, a little lip gloss, and be ready to Zoom with my eyes not needing any work at all! (And they make such a statement on my Zoom meetings and in my photos!)

It’s like I’ve spent 10 minutes on my eye makeup when all I’ve done is roll out of bed. Plus, my lashes always look so pretty!”

Lean Into Self-Care at Your Local Lash Lounge

Feeling inspired to invest in self-care by getting custom lashes? We thought so! 😉 See if there’s a Lash Lounge lash salon near you!

Oh—and once you get your first, full set, tag us in your lash selfies on Instagram. We’d love to see the beautiful new you!