2 Tips For Lash Stylists and Their Comfort While Applying Lashes

  • Published
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  • January 3rd, 2022
a woman with back turned to camera arms in the air stretching to the right

If there’s one thing we know about lash stylists at The Lash Lounge, they’re all about perfecting their lash skills, but what’s something they can’t forget along the way? Their body!

Stretching and posture affect both comfort and ergonomics. Both are super important for long-term lashing and, well, general health!

If you’re a lash artist, these two simple tips will help you lash at your full potential, comfortably, so you can be at your best for yourself and your guests.

Tip #1: Stretch Before and During Lash Appointments

Lash technician or not, starting your day off with a good, full-body stretch is always smart.

For lash stylists, since you spend hours at a time sitting with your back, arms and neck positioned to apply lashes, it is so very important to stretch those muscles. Stretching will help prevent and reduce stiffness and strain.

a young woman with her hands out in front of her body as she stretches

Before working with your first guest, give your body a good stretch, particularly your upper body since that’s the area that gets the biggest workout while you lash.

Here are a few basic stretching tips to get those upper body muscles loosened up. (Note: Each stretch can be held for 15-30 seconds.)

Shoulders: Grab one elbow, then gently pull that arm to your chest. Repeat on the other side.

Neck: Gently tilt your head towards one shoulder until you feel a nice stretch. Repeat on the other side.

Upper Back Stretch: Clasp both hands together with your thumbs pointing down to the ground. Round your shoulders and reach forward as far as you can to get that upper back nice and stretched.

Tricep Stretch: Bring one elbow up behind the back of your head, while bending your arm. Grab that elbow with your opposite hand and lightly pull your elbow toward your head. Repeat with the other arm and elbow.

If you can find the time and start making it a habit, stretch between appointments. Find it hard to do that throughout your day? Set yourself a reminder on your phone every couple of hours to help you remember.

lash extension technician leaning over her female guest while working on her lashes

Tip #2: Practice Good Posture Wile Lashing

The second thing you need to do while you’re sitting and adding fluff and fullness to your guest’s lash line is practice good posture. Along with stretching, this can make all the difference and help to alleviate pressure and fatigue to your back and upper body.

For good lash extension application posture:

  • Maintain a slight 90–120-degree bend in your arms and knees while seated.
  • Keep your back as straight as possible.
  • Make sure your back is supported in your seat.

We know there are times you may have to lean in over your guest a little more, and that’s okay. Just try to train yourself to be conscious of any ongoing slouching or straining throughout your day. When you do notice your posture is lacking, correct it right away. You and your body will thank you!

(Note: The photo to the left was taken pre-COVID-19)

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