How Brow Threading and Tinting Can Boost Your Holiday Look

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  • January 3rd, 2022
pretty asian woman with eyelash extensions and threaded eyebrows

Just because holiday gatherings are looking more low-key this year doesn’t mean your look has to!

Discover the two services that go hand-in-hand to give your brows the boost they’re begging for. Once you give both a try, you’ll never go back!

The Beautiful Benefits of Brow Threading

Threading. It’s a game-changer when it comes to giving life to your drab brows. Not familiar
with how we shape and sculpt brows? Let us fill you in!

closeup of woman eyebrows while she gets an eyebrow threading service

Here at The Lash Lounge, our threading service is conducted by our stylists using our professional Helix tool. This genius hand-held tool is used to precisely thread and remove unwanted hair.

Along with removing those pesky hairs, threading has a number of benefits:

• No use of wax or chemicals
• No irritation to your skin* (like tweezing)
• No more tweezers or hair removal products
• No ongoing maintenance required
• Results that last up to 4 weeks! Quick service time (15–45 minutes depending on how many hairs there are to shape and refresh)

After determining the density, eyebrow growth pattern and arch of your natural eyebrows, your stylist will work their expert magic to emphasize your natural features while giving your brows new life with threading.

*Note: If you have sensitive skin and encounter irritation after your service, hydrocortisone cream will be your best friend!

The Perks of Eyebrow Tinting!

Love how your brows are currently looking after having them threaded? That’s great! But if you still feel like they’re missing a little something or if you neglected them during quarantine days (no judgement here!), we have just the thing to give them a boost for the holidays and well into the new year: tinting!

Tinting services at our salons enhance your natural brows (and your eyelashes) with a thicker appearance and deep, yet natural-looking, color. Before the service begins, your stylist will work with you to determine the most flattering shade so it complements your natural features and skin tone.

The results speak for themselves. And the initial reactions of guests after their service? Priceless each and every time!

Plus…did we mention the perks of getting a tint? See below. 👇🏽

• Ease of knowing our brow dyes are 100% safe and gentle*
• No risk of dying the skin (unlike other tinting methods out there like henna)
• New brows with a fuller and darker look than ever before
• Getting to say so long to your brow pencils while saving time since no more filling in is needed!

*Note: If you have allergy sensitivities, we suggest giving your local salon a call before making an appointment. When you call, be sure to ask about other services that might be a better fit if tinting is not an option.

happy smiling blonde woman wearing a sweater with her freshly tinted and threaded eyebrows

The Joy of Combining These Two Brow Services

While both brow tinting and threading create show-stopping results all on their own, combining the two services will make THE eyebrow statement!

It’s similar to a haircut and color. A fresh haircut is great and a color boost is beautiful, but when you do both, the results are that much more magnificent!

When coupled together, an eyebrow tint and threading will further define your brows, making them pop even more with a fresh shape and rich, radiant color.

Schedule a Brow Thread + Tint Appointment!

Dreaming of how radiant you and your brows will look on those festive holiday zoom calls? Dream no more! Schedule an appointment at The Lash Lounge and fall in love with this dynamic brow duo!

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