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Beat the Winter Blues with Tips to Boost Your Mood

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 29th, 2024

Wondering how you can beat the winter blues in FL? Try these tips on how to stay happy in the winter season. ❄️

How to Get More Energy in The Winter

Winter’s dark mornings and evenings often leave us feeling gloomy and depleted. While it’s tempting to stay cozied up in bed all day, it’s important to ensure you’re keeping yourself energized to fight off that fatigued feeling in.

  • Get Outside: We know what you’re thinking… why would I voluntarily go out into the cold?! One word: SUNLIGHT. ☀️ The low energy you feel could be from lack of vitamin D since there’s far less sunshine during winter. Even a simple walk around the block will make ALL the difference. Plus, the fresh air in Winter Park will do wonders too!
  • Eat for Energy: Fueling your body with nutrients is just what you need. Start your day off with Greek yogurt loaded with nuts, granola and fruit! 🫐 A solid breakfast will give you the energy to power through the day! When dinner time rolls around, keep it simple and healthy. Our rec: Season up some salmon and toss it in the air fryer to get those omega-3s!
  • Stretch your body: If your muscles are tight from sitting all day (hello, work from home peeps!), it’s essential to move your body. When we stretch, oxygen gets delivered to our muscles. Just 10 minutes a day of basic stretching will make a difference in how you feel. Want to amp it up? Try yoga or pilates in Winter Park! 🧘🏽‍♀️