A Custom Lash

At The Lash Lounge, finding your perfect lash match is a breeze! We’ll take you through a visual tour of all the different options and help you find the application method, lash level and curl that’s right for you. There’s SO much to customize and love! Learn more about our lash design process.

Our eyelash extension prices are primarily based on two things: the lash application method and fullness level. Allow us to give you the breakdown!

Woman looks in the mirror with her new set of lashes

Full Set Lash Extensions Price List

Whether you’re new to lash extensions or haven’t had them in a while, you’ll start off with a full set! The entire process takes between two to three hours. Our expert stylists use their keen eye for detail to ensure your look is crafted with care!

Application Method
Starter Full Set Pricing
Starter Full Set Savings
Mega Volume

*Prices reflect starter full sets for first-time guests with a regular stylist. Exclusions may apply. Limit one per person. Senior and master stylist upgrades may be available for an additional cost.

Lash Extension Refills Cost

Once you have your full set of lashes, you’ll want to keep them looking their best by getting regular lash refills every two weeks. Your stylist will replace any fallen or grown-out extensions to keep your lash line full and lush.

Application Method
Regular Fill
Member Fill
Mega Volume
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Did you know that The Lash Lounge offers lash extension memberships? That’s right! Keep your lashes looking beautiful AND score savings with a custom membership.

Choose from a classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume membership and get 2 discounted refills per month to maintain the lash look you love for LESS! The perks don’t end there: Members get 10% off all products, services, add-ons AND upgrades!

Other Brow and Eyelash Service Prices

The Lash Lounge Milton – Crabapple Station has many lash and brow services for you to experience and love!

Service Icons
Lash Lifts
Call for Pricing

Enhance your look by giving your lashes a long-lasting, perfect curl.

Service Icons
Lash + Brow Tinting
Call for Pricing

Define your brows and lashes with a pop of color that complements your natural features.

Service Icons
Eyebrow Threading
Call for Pricing

Get clean and precise brows with professional threading services.

Service Icons
Brow Lamination
Call for Pricing

Professionally reposition your brows for a fuller, smoother and manicured look.


  • + 2 discounted refills per month
  • + 10% off all products, services, add-ons and upgrades
  • + Exclusive perks and MORE!

Frequently Asked Questions

A starter full set is a full set of “level 1” lash extensions available to first-time guests at a discounted price with a regular stylist.

Yes! If you’ve never gotten a full set of lash extensions from us, we offer starter full sets at a discounted rate.

Eyelash extensions will cost anywhere from $139 to $289 for your first full set at your first appointment. Pricing will depend on the style of lashes chosen. Lash fills (recommended every two weeks) range between $75 to $125. For the lowest price and best-looking lashes, check out our Lash Lounge memberships.

These talented lash artists have been selected for promotion based on strict criteria for lashing excellence and speed. For more lashes during your full set appointment, upgrade to a senior stylist for an additional $25 or to a master stylist for $75.

Call for pricing for our lash lift service.

Prices reflect starter full sets for first-time guests with a regular stylist. Senior and master stylist upgrades may be available for an additional cost.