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Let Lash Extensions Light Up Your Video Calls This Holiday Season at The Lash Lounge Carmel – Central!

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 10th, 2022
black woman with lash extensions on a video call

The holidays might look different this year around Carmel IN, but thanks to technology, we can still see the ones we love all season long!

black woman with lash extensions smiling while on a video call

Since greetings and gatherings are going full-blown virtual, more than ever, it’s all eyes on you…or, should we say, YOUR FACE.

Because you’ll be video chatting from the comfort of your own home in Carmel, it’s finally okay to temporarily ditch your mask and put your best face forward with The Lash Lounge Carmel – Central!

This year, save some $$, forego your flashy holiday ensemble, and invest in what people will be seeing: YOUR LASHES!

Think of it as a little early holiday present to yourself. Book your appointment before December slots fill up!

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Or, better yet, be a champion and get ahead of the gift-giving game by picking up a Lash Lounge gift card at your Local Lash Lounge in Carmel, IN for your faves who could use a little extra sparkle in their eye this year:

How to Choose the Right Gift Card Amount

Have a friend or family member who’s new to lashes? When selecting a gift card, consider an amount to cover their first full set of lash extensions (plus gratuity).

volume natural full set of lash extensions by The Lash Lounge

Choose from:

  • Classic Lash Extensions: We attach one lash extension to one natural eyelash—great starter option if you don’t know how big and bodacious your friend wants to go.
  • Volume Lash Extensions: We attach a handmade fan of 2+ lash extensions per natural eyelash—this means instant va-va-volume!
  • Hybrid Lash Extensions: Combo of classic and volume across the lash line—perfect for a spunky, yet refined look that strikes a perfect balance of texture and fullness!

When you purchase a gift card for a classic, hybrid or volume full set of lash extensions, it’s just the beginning! It’ll set the stage for your friend’s personalized consultation with their expert stylist!

The Gift Card That Keeps on Giving

Lashed and ready, with a gift card from The Lash Lounge The Lash Lounge Carmel – Central, your whole crew will shine on screen all season long—with lash looks customized just for them!

Cue up those seasonal selfies and stories! With new eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge, you’ll all look radiant, refreshed and, more importantly, you’ll feel beautiful!

So, make your list, check it twice and give the gift of lashes. Your BFFs will be overjoyed with the gift they’ll want to keep on getting!