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Eyebrow Threading at The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park

The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park is the place to go to define and contour your look with precision eyebrow threading and facial hair removal. Our expert stylists work to create clean, manicured results from eyebrow threading, including defined lines that accentuate your very best natural features. We know that details matter, and we’re here at The Lash Lounge to help create your dream brow look.


Eyebrow threading is perfect for individuals with quickly growing brows or unwanted facial hair. It’s also great for guests looking to eliminate the use of wax and plucking, or those who prefer a no-maintenance brow look for up to four weeks. If you’re looking for a pain-free solution for beautiful brows, book an appointment at The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park today.

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Threading allows us to clean up stray hairs and define the edges of your brows (without removing too much!). Our stylists can even target stubble and peach fuzz hairs that other services like waxing might miss.

Eyebrow threading is among the safest and most natural forms of hair removal. No artificial chemicals or waxes here! The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park puts your safety above all else. Always. While we’re threading, we’ll use soft-handed subtle movements to guide our professional hand-held Helix tool’s thread coil against your hair growth until your skin is looking flawless. This method is much more sanitary than others out there!

From all-over facial threading to a custom set of sculpted brows that frame and flatter your face, we’ve got you covered.

Eyebrow Threading Before & After

volume eyelash extensions before


volume eyelash extensions after


Beauty is not one-size-fits-all. Our threading services at The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park are completely customized to your face and eye shape. Our stylists work with you to evaluate and identify the best services specific to you. Together, we create a look you can’t wait to show off!

Explore our four-step eyebrow threading process to understand what to expect during your 15 to 45-minute brow threading appointment:

  1. We start by discussing the areas you would like to have threaded and develop a plan of action.
  2. Next, we’ll cleanse and map out the precise hair removal lines.
  3. We’ll then use our professional hand-held Helix tool to gently slide a thread coil against your hair growth until your skin is smooth and clear.
  4. After the brow area is wiped down, you can check out your brand-new brows!
lash lounge guest posing with perfect eyebrows


Ready to choose a completely personalized and beautifying brow threading experience? Our stylists at The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park are ready to help! Whether you’re searching for facial hair removal or brow threading, our team has what you need to build your dream lash and brow look!

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