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Tradition, Be Gone. The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City, Be Mine!

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 10th, 2022
middle-aged hispanic woman smiling with eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge for Valentine's Day

Always on the go with to-do lists a mile long? You’re the definition of a modern-day superwoman! You do it ALL and it’s tough, but what shouldn’t be is taking care of yourself along the way!

Enter: the NEW month of love and a season to toss tradition out the door! Happy hour with your besties and some bubbly 🥂 (even on Zoom) sound like a real treat? It’s a date! Or if you’re swooning over the idea of self-care and lashes, just say “The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City, Be Mine!”

Whether you’re a lash extension newbie or one of our loyal members, The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City can offer you the best of both worlds.

The Perfect Pair: You and a Full Set of New Orleans Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful blooms and a box of chocolates are nice, but with all you have loaded onto your plate, a non-traditional Valentine’s Day may be just the thing to pull at your heartstrings! Prioritize self-care AND those luxe lashes you’ve been dreaming of with a trip to The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to your very first full set of b-e-a-u-tiful eyelash extensions! It will feel SO good to toss tradition aside and get what your heart (and lashes) truly desire.

Check out a few more “perfect pair” ideas to shower yourself in even more love for Valentine’s Day:

  • New PJs and that best-selling book you’ve been eyeing (Cozy up and get lost in those pages!)
  • Take-out (Don’t forget the cake! 🍰) and a movie night full of all of your favorites
  • A new podcast and a nature walk with your four-legged friend
  • Meditation and music (Create a new playlist that will cover you in calmness as you meditate!)
close-up of a woman's eye with eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge

Members: Marvel Over Lash Refill Upgrades in New Orleans

Valentine’s Day at The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City would not be complete without YOU, our beloved members! Ooh and aah over the opportunity to upgrade to a new application method during your regular refill appointments.

  • Classic members: Enjoy endless possibilities when you try out our hybrid or volume application method.
  • Hybrid members: Go all out and boost that lash line with some gorgeous volume!

It’s the perfect time to “wrap” yourself in a lovely self-care package to you, from you!

While you’re at it, go ahead and snag some of those Lash Lounge products you’ve been eyeing during your visits! 😍


Relaxation and Custom Lash Applications Await at The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City

Whether you’re lucky-in-love this Valentine’s Day or you’re flying solo (and loving it 🙌🏼), it’s okay to break from tradition and celebrate in a way that makes your heart truly happy.

Say “LASH LOUNGE, BE MINE!”, visit The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City and revel in relaxation and a custom lash look all for YOU. Your heart will be full…just like your LASHES! ❤️