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mature asian woman with tinted brows

How to Cover Gray Eyebrows

May 16, 2024
Fretting over what to do about gray brows ? Don’t! Join us as we share the best option to cover gray eyebrows in a beautiful way thanks to custom brow services we offer here at The Lash Lounge Annapolis – West Street.
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Lash Lounge stylist smiling with male guest

Eyelash Lifts and Tints for Men

April 25, 2024
Men, make a lasting impression with our subtle enhancements! 👀 Allow us to introduce you to men’s eyelash tints and lifts! Get the deets on what this service duo is, how they work and why they’re worth adding to your self–care routine.
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mid-shot of white blonde smiling with a lash tint

How To Choose a Lash Tint Color

April 18, 2024
If you’ve been thinking about getting a lash tint in Annapolis but what’s holding you back is choosing the right color, we got you! Give this post a read to get our tips on selecting the best eyelash tint color for YOU!
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close-up of smiling hispanic woman with lash tint

How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

April 12, 2024
If you’ve been considering an eyelash tint in Annapolis to give your lackluster lashes a boost, good for you! But listen up… don’t fret if you’ve also wondered “how long does a last tint last?”. We’re delivering the answer to this common question (and more) about lash tinting.
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mid-shot of woman smiling with a lash tint

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Tinting

April 8, 2024
Want bold lashes without the hassle of mascara or frustrating eyelash curlers? A lash tint is calling your name! An eyelash tint will add a pop of color to your lashes to give you a natural get-up-and-go look. We’re here to give you all the deets on everything to know…
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Bride outdoors smiling with bouquet.

Should You Say “YES” to a Bridal Lift?

March 25, 2024
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable times of your life! From the dress to the venue, everything must be picture perfect. For most brides-to-be in Annapolis, that includes planning the best makeup look! You’re probably searching for the best lash products or enhancements to help your…
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woman with red hair and brow tint smiling with her arms outstretched

Lazy Day Makeup for an Effortlessly Cozy Vibe

December 1, 2023
On chilly or gloomy days in MD, there’s nothing better than wearing comfy clothes and having a little staycation where you spend the day relaxing indoors. A comfy style with casual athletics, AKA athleisure, clothing is also great for an effortless outfit on the go. But just because you’re wearing…
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young hispanic woman with lash extensions looking at cell phone

Create a Viral-Worthy Post To Share Your Lash Look

November 16, 2023
You FINALLY got lash extensions. You love them. Wait, no… you’re obsessed with them. You want to show the world! But how? From lash extension hashtags, captions, quotes (and more) learn how to create a simple yet viral-worthy social media post in MD to show off your gorgeous, new lashes!
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