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Eyelash Extension Aftercare Is So Important

One of the best parts of having eyelash extensions is gazing at your full, fluffy lash line in the mirror after your appointment.

But what’s the secret to keeping your extensions looking great? Fully committing to an aftercare routine!

At The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes, we know that proper aftercare plays a vital role in the retention of your lash extensions and the overall health of your lashes. You are protecting your investment, both lashes and body!

How to Take Care of Your Lash Extensions

Taking care of your eyelash extensions begins with keeping them clean. Your lash cleaning routine will help to protect your eyelids against inflammation, known as blepharitis, and help keep your extensions fuller for longer.

Without regular cleansing, buildup from makeup, oil and debris will accumulate along your lash line. Over time, this buildup will weaken the adhesive bond between your natural lashes and eyelash extensions, causing them to fall out early. This leaves your lash line looking less full between fill appointments.

For beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions, follow our aftercare instructions for lash extensions:  

There are four key steps to taking care of your eyelash extensions: prepping with makeup removal, cleansing, protecting and grooming.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips

Extend the life of your eyelash extensions by following our top eyelash extension aftercare “musts.”

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your back (ideal) or side helps to ensure your lashes are free from stress or friction while you sleep.
    Still a side or stomach sleeper? Consider wearing our 3D-Contoured Sleep Mask! It will keep your lashes from getting tangled and smashed while you sleep.
  • Opt for goggles in the pool or the ocean. If you’re a lap swimmer or a surfer, investing in a quality pair of goggles will help keep your eyelash extensions in good shape and keep you in the surf.
  • Don’t miss or postpone your lash fill appointments. Getting your lashes refilled every two weeks is necessary to keep that lash line looking full. We love seeing you come in routinely for your refills! Become a member to save on fills!
  • Be gentle with your lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and picking or pulling at your lashes. Not only can this cause your lash extensions to fall off prematurely, but it also damages your natural lashes.
  • Avoid alcohol- and oil-based skincare or cosmetic products near or around your eye area. Both oil and alcohol will break down the lash adhesive, causing premature lash fallout. This includes sunscreen and even waterproof mascara! If you still want to use a little mascara for extra oomph, try our Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo for an extension-safe option.
Woman pumping foaming lash cleanser onto a cleansing brush as part of her lash extension aftercare routine from The Lash Lounge.

Remember, At Home Eyelash Extension Care Begins Immediately After Your Appointment at The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes

Save the beach for the day AFTER your appointment. Your lash extensions will thank you!

Eyelash extension adhesive can take up to 8 hours to fully cure! This means that within the 8-hour window after your appointment, you should avoid anything that will get your lashes wet (this includes workouts, tanning, saunas, swimming—even long steamy showers!).

Purchase Eyelash Extension Aftercare Products at Your Next Appointment

Our Gel Eye Makeup Remover, Lash Detox foaming cleanser, Eyelash Cleansing Brush and barrel and Crystal Lash Wand are non-negotiables when caring for your lash extensions.

Add our Lint-Free Wipes to your routine for major convenience and use our Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo to add a little extra sparkle to your lash line without compromising your extensions’ adhesive bond.

The Lash Lounge’s line of proprietary eyelash extension aftercare products is available exclusively at The Lash Lounge. Stock up on your favorite individual products or purchase an aftercare kit during your next visit to The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes.

Book Your Lash Extension Appointment at The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes

With the right products and instructions, eyelash extension aftercare is a breeze! The best lashes in Rochester Hills are just a single appointment away. Schedule your appointment today for exceptional lashes—and don’t forget to pick up your aftercare products on the way out.

Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, we recommend scheduling your lash fill appointment for every two weeks. Waiting too long between appointments may require a new set of lash extensions.

Our custom lash design process begins with a consultation. Then, sit back, relax, take a lash nap and get ready for your fresh, new lash look.

The number one way to take care of your eyelash extensions is to regularly clean them with an oil-free cleanser, such as our Lash Detox foaming cleanser. Brushing through them daily to avoid tangling is also essential, along with remembering not to tug or pick at your lashes.


Yes, of course! Just wait 8 hours after your service to get them wet. After that, feel free to shower, work out and enjoy beach days!

No! Properly cleaning your lashes protects your eyelids from blepharitis and premature lash fallout. If not cleaned regularly, makeup and debris will build up on your lash line, weakening the adhesive bond between your extensions and natural lashes, causing them to fall out faster.

Still have questions about cleaning your lashes? Our Rochester Hills-based stylists are here to help. They’re happy to talk you through your new lash cleansing routine during your next appointment.

Both the Onyx and Crystal Lash Armor formulas are oil free and full of B vitamins and essential acids to strengthen, hydrate and protect your lashes. The difference is in color. The Lash Armor – Onyx formula contains gardenia flower fruit extract, which adds a rich, black color to the sealant and serves as a powerful antioxidant. The dark hue results in a more defined-looking lash line—like a thin coating of mascara. The Lash Armor – Crystal formula is transparent, glossy and ideal for a more natural finish.

Ask your stylist about our Lash Armor on your next visit.

We do not recommend using micellar water on your extensions because it commonly contains glycol, which will break the adhesive down and result in poor retention. Try our Gel Eye Makeup Remover for a lash-friendly makeup remover!

Absolutely! But most The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes guests discover they don’t need to with lash extensions. If you wish to add extra drama to your lash line, use a lash extension-friendly mascara to avoid damage and premature lash fallout—like our Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo.

Lash extensions are an investment in you! When you choose The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes, you can trust that your lash style is unique to you. Lash pricing varies by salon and application method. Please view our services and pricing.