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New Eyeliner Trends to Pair With Your Lash Extensions

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • May 23rd, 2023
soft focus close-up of woman applying eyeliner

From unique eyeliner looks (hello, fishtail eyeliner!) to new eyeliner trends, see what pairs best with lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Raleigh – ITB! Then, don’t miss tips on the eyeliners you should use and why!

Unique Eyeliner Looks That Complement Lash Extensions

You know one of the MANY things we love about our custom lash extensions? They’re versatile! They can speak all on their own OR you can rock them with a unique eyeliner look. (Yes, that means you CAN wear eyeliner with lash extensions! More info here.)

See some of these trending eyeliner looks below and find one that speaks to you.

close-up of black woman wearing reverse eyeliner trend

Reverse Liner

Yes, you read that right! A unique eyeliner trend and technique is reverse liner! Love a smudged liner look? This is perfect for you!

Here you will:

  • Forgo adding liner to your top lid line to keep a clean look (this will really make your lash extensions shine, too!)
  • Apply a semi-thick to thick line along the bottom lid.
  • To take this look a step further, smudge that bottom liner a bit using a small brush or the spongy end of a liner pencil.

When it comes to lash extensions and which application pairs best with reverse liner, we say all applications! But if we had to pick just one, we’d go with our hybrid application since it’s the perfect blend of BOTH our classic and volume applications.

Fishtail Eyeliner

Familiar with what a cat eyeliner look is? That’s just what fishtail eyeliner is but with another line along the bottom. Here’s the 4-1-1 on this unique eyeliner look:

  • First, apply your classic cat eyeliner look by lining the top lid and extending on the outer corner.
  • Then make that final outer line flick a bit upward for an extra punch.
  • Next, finish off the top by lining your top lid line with a thin coat of eyeliner.
  • Lastly, repeat step one on the outer corner of your bottom lid line and this time, flick that final outer line downward.

This technique applied to BOTH the top and bottom outer corners imitates a fish tail, hence the name. 🐟

Since this liner look itself is bold, we think it would pair well with classic lash extensions, however if bold AND bolder is your motto (no judgement here! 😉), let your fishtail liner speak even louder with volume lash extensions!

young red head woman with closed eyes to show her neon blue eyeliner

Neon is the New Eyeliner Trend

If you’ve noticed neon makeup on the runway and in fashion magazines lately, you’ve probably noticed it on the eyes, too. A new eyeliner trend we think is here to stay: Neon eyeliner!

The beauty of this liner look is that you can be as subtle or as bold as you wish.

  • For a simple pop of color, take your neon liner of choice and apply a thin line to your top lid.
  • For a bold look, line your top AND bottom lids.
  • Want more drama? Try the fishtail eyeliner technique paired with your neon liner of choice. This will really make your eyes POP!

Yet again, we love this look paired with our classic lash extensions so both the lashes AND lined lids shine. But honestly, this color pop could go with any of our lash applications!

White Eyeliner (AKA Eyeliner Highlighters)

If you’re always on social media or you simply stay up to speed with the latest beauty trends, then you’ve probably heard ALL about the white eyeliner trend.

If you haven’t heard this new eyeliner trend known as eyeliner highlighter, allow us to “fill” you in. (Pun intended! 😂)

The white eyeliner trend is the simplest on this list, but that doesn’t mean the look is blasé.

  • This trend consists of a quality white eyeliner, usually a pencil and one that’s waterproof.
  • You simply take the pencil and line the waterline (AKA bottom lid line) starting from the inner corner, then extend out along the edge of your lower eyelid.
  • When applying for the first time, we suggest going subtle then assess the look and add more if you wish.
  • This ultra-simple technique brightens AND widens your eyes!

Easy-peasy, huh? And when paired with customized lash extensions, (we’d go with hybrid or volume) which also brighten your eyes and overall face. Adding white liner in this subtle way is sure to supply a beautiful and fresh look!

hand with pink nails holding a black eyeliner pen

Eyeliner Pens vs Pencils

Before we leave you with these unique eyeliner looks to consider, we want to answer a popular question: Are eyeliner pens pencils best?

Eyeliner Pens/Liquid Liner:

If you’ve never used eyeliner pens and have the patience to try to apply, then liquid liner may be for you. Just know that this type of eyeliner does come with a reputation of being less forgiving if you make a mistake.

But like we implied: Practice makes perfect! If you don’t mind a few attempts OR you’ve already mastered it, then eyeliner pens are for you! When you are a liquid-liner pro, the look is TRULY pristine.

Eyeliner Pencils

For a tried-and-true eyeliner, pencils are the way to go! They’re also ideal for beginners because if there’s a mishap, it’s easier to clean and start again.

A couple key benefits of a pencil eyeliner: It provides a more natural, soft look AND (what we love most!) it’s not near as messy as liquid liners.

Eyeliner Pen and Pencil Preferences

At the end of the day, many people may find one over the other more user-friendly. Go with what you like and feel comfortable using!

If you tend to get frustrated when trying to apply liquid liner, don’t. Stick with a pencil! Or if a bold yet sleek liner is what you LOVE but only comes from eyeliner pens you haven’t perfected yet, keep trying. You’ll get it!  😉

Let Your Lash Line Shine!

Whether you love to step outside the box and go for a show-stopping liner look with bold colors and techniques, or you prefer to let your lash line shine all on its own, YOU DO YOU!

And if you’ve been experimenting with unique eyeliner looks but feel like your eyes still need a POP, consider lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Raleigh – ITB. We’re experts in customizing lash looks for you, your eye shape AND your go-to style. Find a salon in Raleigh and schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our seasoned stylists!