Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?

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  • January 3rd, 2022
young woman with long hair at mirror applying eyeliner

Spoiler Alert: Eyeliner Is Safe For Lash Extensions

Love your fuller, bolder lashes thanks to extensions, but concerned about your liner routine? Good news—you don’t need to ditch your cat-eye when you have eyelash extensions! 😻 You can STILL wear it! Just play it safe and see our tips on meshing your beloved lash extensions into your glam routine.

Lash Extensions and Makeup

Many find lash extensions a divine substitute for eye makeup—they enhance your natural beauty and, depending on your preferences, allow you to wear less or absolutely no makeup at all! But we won’t bat an eye if you’d like to keep eyeliner (or any other makeup for that matter!) in your routine. 😉 In fact, your favorite eye makeup (liner, shadow, mascara and more) is A-OK to wear when you have lash extensions if it meets the proper requirements!

The Best Eyeliner for Lash Extensions

While eyeliner can be worn when you have eyelash extensions (best news ever, right?), not just any eyeliner will do! Wearing the wrong type of liner (and makeup in general) could cause harm or ruin that beautiful lash look you love so much.

Eyeliners and Products to Avoid

  • Pencil, gel or cream eyeliner –These types of liners can tangle the lashes at the base or leave an unwanted residue on the lashes causing premature shedding.
  • Oil-, alcohol-based and waterproof makeup – Products that contain oil and alcohol or cosmetics that are waterproof are HUGE no-no’s when you have lash extensions. 🚫 Why? They interfere with the lash adhesive, which can cause the extension to detach from your natural lash.

TIP: the no-oil-or-alcohol ingredient warning goes for makeup removers, too! Be on the safe side and use one of our Lash Lounge cleansers.

liquid eyeliner with open lid displaying fine tip

Eyeliner Must-Haves

There are two types of eyeliners we recommend to complement lash extensions:

  • Water-based eyeliner –An oil-free, water-based eyeliner is not only safe for lash extensions but it also comes off easier than other types of liner, especially when it’s gently removed with one of our Lash Detox foaming cleansers.
  • Powder eyeliner – This is another great option and ideal for a sultry, smokey-eye look.

TIP: take your trusted lash wand and give your lashes a brush to remove any powder residue that may have accumulated along your lash line while applying.

Our ultimate eyeliner rec: The Lash Lounge’s very own Fierce Liquid Liner! Why? It’s smudge-proof, long-lasting and provides an ultra-black, satin finish. Which reminds us…when you stick to  lash extension-friendly  cosmetics, you take the guesswork out of ingredients AND keep your lashes safe all at the same time!

Looking to give our Fierce Liquid Liner a go? It’s available exclusively at your local Lash Lounge salon.

The Correct Way to Apply Eyeliner With Lash Extensions

More than products alone, your eyeliner application techniques matter, too! The most important thing is to be gentle and avoid pulling or tugging on your lashes when applying that lustrous line.

Check out these 3 simple steps so you can ACE a fine line every time:

  1. Make sure your eye is clean before applying the liner.
  2. When applying, do so gently and above the lash line only. (Not directly on your lashes if you have extensions.)
  3. Draw from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corners for a precise look.

Eyeliner Application Tricks

Eyeliner tricks are universal—whether you have extensions or natural lashes, keep these tips in mind for a smooth application and GORGEOUS results!

  • Less is more. Even when using a lash extension-friendly eyeliner, it’s best to go easy to avoid buildup or too thick of a look.
  • Use a mirror that is below eye level. This way, you don’t have to look up and risk your lashes getting in the way.
  • Don’t rub your eye. If you make a mistake in the application, don’t fret! Simply use an Eye-Erase Pre-Soaked Makeup Remover Pad to gently remove your eyeliner.

Don’t Abandon Your Eyeliner, Enhance It

From a classic winged look to fishtail, arrow, long line, whatever your liner-loving heart desires—your lash extensions will complement any eyeliner look you go for. Whether you’re an everyday liner gal, glamming up for the holidays or hitting the town with friends💃, don’t ditch liners; just be sure to use one that’s safe for your beautiful lash extensions.

Lash Products You’ll Love

Need help finding other lash extension-safe products? Head to a Lash Lounge nearest YOU  to ooh, ahh and pick up anything and everything you need to further enhance and protect your cherished eyelash extensions.