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6 Fall Makeup Trends to Try This Season

  • Published
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  • September 15th, 2022
Young woman smiling with colorful graphic eye makeup

Our 6 Favorite Fall 2022 Eye Makeup Looks

A new season means new makeup trends! While we’ll always love classic neutrals and the forever popular no-makeup makeup look at The Lash Lounge Happy Valley – Christilla Commons, this fall we’re straying away from our traditional comfort zone and opting for more vibrant tones. From soft and feminine shades to showstopping vibrant hues, there’s a trend for everyone. 🍂

Our Fall Makeup Look Forecast

The trend experts have spoken! Fall and Winter fashion shows had us on the edge of our seats. Nothing was subtle, including the makeup. This year, we’ll see some unique twists on classic styles. Think, everything you know and love with a little extra shine.

Trendspotters have predicted that this Fall in Happy Valley, the “clean girl” minimalist look will be making room for a return to the bold and even loud colors of the early 2000s. Think punk boy bands, butterfly clips and Lisa Frank. The show-stopping, statement trends of the 2000s are BACK!

6 Fall 2022 Makeup Trends You MUST Try

These are some of the BEST fall makeup looks of the season:

1. Big blush—Say goodbye to subtle contouring and hello to creamy and vibrant blush. This year we’re seeing lots of rosy cheekbones and temples. Some even use lipsticks to get the creamy look they’re after. Find a pink or light red that complements your skin tone and give your cheekbones some extra love!

2. Embellishments and gems—Take your look one step further with stick-on gemstones. Yep, you read that right! Place them along your brow bone or near year lashes alongside your eyeliner to make a statement and give your look some extra pizzazz. 💎

An assortment of warm toned fall makeup resting on a counter

3. Glossy lips and lids—This year’s makeup trends are all about having fun with your look and exploring a youthful glow. To keep your makeup looking young and radiant, you can never go wrong with gloss! For a soft and glowy look, opt for lip gloss over matte lipsticks. Then for your eyes, choose cream and water-based eyeshadows over powders.

4. Fluttery lashes—For a sultry and soft autumn makeup look, opt for a fluffy lash look. Long gone are the days of purposely clumpy or subtle lashes. In fall 2022, we’re loving full and fluttery lash lines!

To get perfectly fluffed and hassle-free lashes get lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Happy Valley – Christilla Commons! Our rec: our Hybrid application! This method paired with Lash Level 2 and C Curl will give you a beautiful blend of full yet natural-looking lashes.

5. Blue hues—Whether you prefer a vibrant blue shadow or a soft sky-blue eyeliner, blue is one of the most popular statement-making colors for a fall eye makeup look in Happy Valley. It’s the perfect color to contrast your neutral autumn outfits while still channeling an outdoor-inspired color palette…but with a POP.

6. Nods of neon—Get ready! This fall you’ll see neon everywhere. We’re talking eyeshadow, lips, eyeliner and more. If you don’t want to stray too far from your neutral makeup comfort zone, add a bit of neon above either end of your lash line or mixed into a neutral eyeshadow to make the color a bit more subtle. A neon lip is another effortless way to add a bold shade to your look, and it can be easily removed if you decide the trend isn’t quite for you.

How to Do Your Makeup for Fall

When doing your makeup this fall, give a little extra attention to your eyes and lips. Like we mentioned, don’t shy away from those hot hues of neon, pink and blue. Go big and bold—especially when it comes to your cheekbones and eyelids. Remember, the change in season can mean cooler and dryer weather, so be sure to pay extra attention to priming your face, wearing moisturizer and using liquid foundation to avoid dry or irritated skin.

No matter what, have fun with your look, try something new and rock colors that help you radiate confidence. 💖

But wait! No look is complete without shaped, defined brows! After trying one or all these fall makeup trends, don’t let unruly brows distract from your glamorous autumn makeup. To enhance your makeup look of choice, we recommend brow threading for long-lasting and precise brows.  Treat yourself to this service at The Lash Lounge Happy Valley – Christilla Commons to boost your look like never before! 🙌🏽

Get Lashes and Brows That Fit Your Fall Aesthetic

Fall will be here before you know it, so don’t wait. Go ahead and give these makeup trends a go, see what you like. AND when it comes to your lashes and brows, contact The Lash Lounge Happy Valley – Christilla Commons!  Our stylists can’t wait to educate you on our services and customize a look you’ll love this season and beyond!