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Travel Beauty Tips: Wearing Lash Extensions on Vacation

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  • August 22nd, 2022
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Get Vacation-ready! How to Travel with Eyelash Extensions

No matter where you’re going, lash extensions are the best companion! Worry less about finding the perfect long-lasting and photo-ready mascara, and instead focus on enjoying your trip. 📸

Use some of our favorite lash extension travel tips from The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley to keep your extensions looking great no matter if you’re on the beach, in the mountains, or out on the town.

Should I Get Lash Extensions for Vacation?

Short answer: YES!

Lash extensions are the perfect adventure companion: They save you time on your daily makeup routine and keep your lashes looking flawless day and night in Laguna Niguel!

Tips for Fabulous Lash Extensions on Vacation

With the right care, keeping your lash extensions looking their best is easy. Grab your oil-free sunscreen, eyelash-safe makeup remover, a bottle of water and tissues and you’re ready to go! ✈️

To get the most out of your extensions remember these three tips from The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley:

1. Protect and keep your lash extensions clean

  • If you’re going to be spending more time at the beach once you’re done swimming, pour a little fresh water on your lashes. After leaving the beach be sure to rinse your eyelids and lashes with clean water and a facial cleanser that’s free from oils, or use a makeup remover that’s safe for lash extensions such as our gentle Gel Eye Makeup Remover. This makeup remover is oil-free, alcohol-free and a great all over makeup remover.
  • Pack a soft cotton and lint-free towel when doing physical activities—We know that when you’re on vacation you’re often gone for the day once you leave your room. Having a towel or tissue to keep sweat away while on the go is an easy way to protect your lashes. Whether you’re headed on a hike or a walk through the city on a muggy day, pack a small towel or tissue to keep sweat and oils from your lashes. Body oils can negatively impact your lash adhesive and reduce retention.
  • Wear a contoured eye mask—It can be tricky to avoid sleeping on your lashes, especially when traveling and sleeping in cars or airplanes. To avoid accidentally rubbing your eyes or rolling onto your lashes, choose a sleep mask with contoured eye spaces. This leaves room to keep your eyelashes protected underneath.

2. Keep harmful chemicals and extreme heat away from lash extensions

  • Keep sunscreen away from your lashes—You never want sunscreen in your eyes, but it’s especially important to apply with care when wearing eyelash extensions. Oily sunscreen can harm lash extension adhesive. Use oil-free sunscreen for extra precaution.
  • Avoid extreme heat—Keep a safe distance from any hot grills and campfires and avoid staying near smoke for too long to keep your lashes safe and avoid any burning.

3. Pack our favorite must-have travel beauty products for lash extensions

A backpack holding lash extension travel products
  • Protect your lashes on the road with Lash Armor—Our lash sealant, Lash Armor, will protect your lashes from water, sweat and humidity. It provides a layer of protection for your extensions AND your natural lashes. It even helps extend the life of your lash extensions.
  • Use our Lash Detox foaming cleanser—At The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley, we offer both a golden chamomile-infused unscented cleanser and a tea tree cleanser. Both formulas contain antioxidants that boost anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to keep your lashes healthy.
  • Bring a lash brush—When in doubt, brush it out. Pack a small silicone spoolie to brush the tips of your lashes and avoid anything twisting.

Lash Extensions: The Perfect Vacation Glow-up

From eyelash extensions to any other lash enhancement services, for glowing lashes (and brows)  that’ll save you time on your next vacation, book an appointment at The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley. And don’t forget to grab your eyelash extension travel essentials and get ready to explore in style!

Already have eyelash extensions? Be sure to schedule a fill. Regular lash refills are key to keeping your lashes fresh for the duration of your trip.

Bon voyage!