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Look FAB with Fresh Brows and Lash Extensions Over 50

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  • January 13th, 2023
A mature woman with grayish blonde hair and custom lash services from The Lash Lounge

Brow and Lash Looks for Mature Eyes

At The Lash Lounge Albuquerque – NE, our brow services and custom lash extensions are ideal for helping you look and feel your best at any age! Also, a plus: a lovely lash look is versatile and can be worn by anyone. That’s right, luxe lashes aren’t just for twenty-somethings or busy thirty-year-olds on the go in Albuquerque. A great lash look paired with perfectly defined brows is for EVERYONE, including those with mature eyes. Really and truly, it’s all about finding the right look to complement your eye at any age, and that’s where we come in! 😉

The Best Eyelash Extensions for Mature Eyes

Keeping in mind that natural lashes tend to weaken with age, we recommend our classic or hybrid extensions for mature eyes. With our classic or hybrid extensions, you can achieve a lash look you’ll love without damaging your natural lashes.

Volume lashes more your speed? Go for it! During your consultation, your stylist in Albuquerque will assess your natural lash line and determine which application will work best for your lashes. So, don’t be afraid to express your ultimate lash goals at your appointment in NM! Take our 99-year young guest, Ms. Lucy! She loves her custom lash extensions and feels like a new woman after every Lash Lounge visit.

A mature woman with gray hair and custom lash extensions from The Lash Lounge

How to Make Mature Eyes Look Younger

Long and fluffy lashes are the perfect way to revitalize any look and hide those fine lines. At The Lash Lounge Albuquerque – NE, we believe in celebrating YOU. We know that the best look on any of our guests makes them feel beautiful and confident.

Working with your lash stylist in NM, you will find the right combination of services to fit you, your natural lashes and your lifestyle. For mature eyes, we love using lash extensions to help the eyes look refreshed and youthful.

Eyelash Tips for Mature Women

When it comes to selecting your lash look, it’s all about customization. At our salon, each application is chosen with your unique requests, eye shape, and natural lashes in mind.

We have some recommendations for choosing your new lash look. See below:

  1. Avoid long extensions on the outer corner of the eyes. Sometimes this can unintentionally lengthen the eye, making it more difficult to achieve a raised, awake look or make the eye look droopy in comparison. If longer corner lash extensions are your jam, chat with your stylist and see what additional options are available.
  2. Pick a pronounced curl. Want your eyes to look lifted? You need a bold lash curl! We love a custom full set with a D curl. In fact, our D curl is our most defined and upright curl, making it quite popular.
  3. Choose a lash lift. A custom lash lift will curl your lashes into place AND (wait for it!) last for up to eight weeks! The beauty of a lash lift service: it’s applied to your natural lashes for a noticeable yet subtle look.
  4. Pick a look that brings you confidence. The most important thing about any lash look or lash service you choose is that it helps you look and feel like your very best YOU! Go for the look that does just that!🌟

Eyebrows for Mature Women

Your natural eyebrows may weaken with age, and, like your gorgeous locks, your brows may fade or grey over time. A brow tint may be used to deposit color onto your natural brow (similar to using hair dye). A bolder-colored brow (even in your original hue) will emphasize the natural shape of your brow and make it look fuller or more defined.

Best Brow Color for Grey and White Hair

While there isn’t one simple answer for the best brow color, we can say that across the board having eyebrows that are slightly darker than your natural hair is a good way to frame your face. They can draw attention up, giving you a naturally lifted look and younger appearance. We recommend finding a brown tint color that is roughly as dark as the darkest grey tones in your hair. If you have white hair, try sticking with a medium-brown tint*.

Over 50? Get a Brow and Lash Makeover for Your Mature Eyes!

It’s no secret: Our lash extensions are the best false eyelashes for mature eyes—but that’s because these aren’t your average falsies. You can’t buy our lash extensions at the drugstore. They are customized to your eyes and applied by a trained stylist from The Lash Lounge Albuquerque – NE that will give you the lash look of your dreams!

So go for it! Get a brow tint* and lash extensions, try a lash lift or book a consultation to discuss the customizable lash and brow service options with one of our expert stylists. We’re ready and waiting in Albuquerque to help you get a look to love! 😍

*Brow tinting available at select Lash Lounge locations