At 99, Lash Lounge Guest Ms. Lucy Shines!

  • Published
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  • August 8th, 2022
Lash Lounge guest, Ms. Lucy, at the salon laying in the service bed.

Nearing 100, our fun-loving, story-telling guest Ms. Lucy reminds us that no matter your age, it’s important to make time for yourself and the things you love.

Shining From Day 1

Born in 1922 in Jacksonville, Florida, Ms. Lucy (as we like to call her) was the baby of her family. With 7 years between her and her older sister, she felt like she was an only child, which she’ll still admit today, she LOVED!

Lash Lounge guest, Ms. Lucy, on her wedding day in 1948.

After graduating high school, life was exciting! Ms. Lucy went to business school in Jacksonville, Florida where she studied to become a secretary. When 1948 arrived, so did wedding bells and Ms. Lucy got married! Then, in 1950 she and her husband welcomed their first child, a daughter named Toosie. More girls were in her future and following Toosie, Ms. Lucy went on to have 3 more rays of sunshine: Jana, Melissa, and Judy.

A Lifetime Of Adventure 

Throughout her life, Ms. Lucy has travelled far and wide with a couple of destinations being Spain and Hawaii. After her husband of almost 50 years passed away, she decided to take her daughters on an adventure to another place she had always wanted to visit: Italy. The quality time they spent together on this trip created memories that will forever shine bright for each of them.  

With all her travels and time with her daughters, it’s safe to say that Ms. Lucy has an abundance of special moments from around the globe to treasure.

Her Daughters. Her Shining Stars! 

When asked what she is most proud of in her life, Ms. Lucy answered in a heartbeat: “My daughters!” 

From their careers to their own families, Ms. Lucy beams bright when it comes to how proud she is of her shining stars, her daughters, and their accomplishments. It’s their personal and professional successes that’s truly a testament to how Ms. Lucy raised them!

Another thing Ms. Lucy is incredibly proud of: her 12 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. WOW! 🤩

Lash Lounge guest, Ms. Lucy, with her 4 daughters.

Lash Life at 99 

In recent years, Ms. Lucy spends a great deal of time visiting each of her daughters and their families. During a visit with her daughter Toosie, Ms. Lucy mentioned that her natural lashes had become sparse. Toosie and her daughter instantly suggested that she give professional lash extensions a try to keep her lash line full. It didn’t take much convincing and Ms. Lucy did just that! Since the first day she visited The Lash Lounge Ponte Vedra – Nocatee Town Center, she’s been a loyal guest. When Ms. Lucy visits the salon for a lash refill, her stylist, Klaida, works her lash magic and perfects a full set of Classic lash extensions. 

What truly makes Ms. Lucy’s Lash Lounge visits shine even brighter is that her lash appointments serve as a means for self-care. These visits also serve another sweet purpose: quality time with her daughter! Balancing spending time with loved ones and taking time for self-care can be tricky for all of us, but Ms. Lucy has certainly figured it out and we should ALL take note!

Life Is What You Make It 

When asked what brings her joy these days, Ms. Lucy didn’t hesitate: “At almost 100? Getting up out of bed each morning and feeling good!” Her appreciation for something so simple is a reminder we should all learn from.  

As far as what piece of advice she would give her younger self, she knew exactly what that would be: “Live life as you get it!”

Ms. Lucy has mastered the art of rolling with the punches that life brings AND (our favorite part!) embracing her SHINE in every stage of life. Let’s ALL be inspired to do the exact same!