How To Raise a Strong Daughter

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  • July 21st, 2022
black and white photo of mother and grown daughter hugging

Mothers and daughters have a relationship and bond unlike any other. For mothers, it’s not always an easy road, but raising a strong daughter is possible and we’re telling you how thanks to three Lash Lounge moms, their own experiences and heart-felt advice.

Lead By Example To Raise a Strong Daughter

Cathy Snyder, owner of The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs – Chastain Park outside of Atlanta, Georgia, knows a thing or two about raising a strong daughter. Now in college, her daughter is thriving thanks to the fact that she got to see her mom navigate owning a business and all the hard work that took.

“One of the things that I thought about when deciding to open a The Lash Lounge franchise was that I wanted to show my daughter (14 at the time) that you can do anything you put your mind to with hard work and determination.”

mother with her teenage daughter outdoors for a sweet mother-daughter photo

Cathy’s previous career was in marketing and sales in the tech industry. When her daughter was born, she decided not work outside of the home. So growing up, her daughter had not seen Cathy as a career woman.

“Since buying a Lash Lounge franchise, she has seen how hard I have worked to learn a new industry and how I persevered through the ups and downs of owning a business. I hope I have shown her that the best things in life are not always easy, but they are worth it,” Snyder said.

Cathy raised her daughter by leading by example, showing her what hard work looks like, and how it can pay off. Her experience and journey is one that she’s proud to share with others raising daughters to be strong.

photo provided by: Cathy Snider, owner of The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs – Chastain Park

Admire and Respect Your Daughter

Owner of The Lash Lounge Flower Mound – Robertsons Creek, Yvonne Hemphill is also a girl mom. While her daughters are now grown, she still reflects on her life role as a mother and sticks to two important principles: admire and respect your daughter(s)!

“When it comes to raising a strong daughter, the best advice I can offer is to understand that your children come from you, but they are not you. Both of my daughters are similar to me in many aspects, and completely different in others,” Hemphill said.

grandmother, granddaughter and daughter pictured together outdoors wearing sweaters and jackets

“I admire and respect the differences we share and do not expect them to think like me, act like me, make the same decisions as I would, or approach life like I do. They are each unique with same/different values, ideals, and perspectives.”

With age comes experience, confidence and wisdom. There are times Yvonne said she sees her daughters making decisions that she knows will not turn out as they think it will because she has “been there, done that,” which allows her to see the bigger picture.

“It’s my job to support, admire and respect them and their efforts,” Hemphill said.

Raising a strong daughter does not come with a “how to” manual (sure would be nice if it did!) though being in tune to your daughter(s) can make all the difference in the world. Even when they fail, showing them moments of admiration and respect can be paramount to their inner strength as they grow, live and learn.

photo provided by: Yvonne Hemphill, owner of The Lash Lounge Flower Mound – Robertsons Creek

Stand Firm And Have Fun Along The Way

Another member of The Lash Lounge’s mom club is Jill Biggs. Jill is the Director of Training for The Lash Lounge corporate office and mother to daughter, Jaycee. Jaycee also works for the company and together, the two keep the training department in motion.

mother and daughter taking a selfie to show their lash extensions

“As a mother, and especially as a single mother like I was, always remain true to who you are, and stand firm on your principles. Your daughter will see what is important to you whether she realizes it in the moment, or not.” Biggs said. “She’ll remember when she’s older, just like my daughter does today. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile and laugh together! Silliness and dancing were happening all the time with us, and we still do to this day!”

While she might not have always been sure how she was going to raise a strong daughter, Jill never lost sight of staying true to herself as a mom and keeping the journey fun. Whether you’re raising a daughter yourself or navigating your own life journey, we think Jill’s advice can apply to everyone!

photo provided by: Jill Biggs

Raising a Strong Daughter and Doing It Well

Sure, the journey and knowing how to raise a strong daughter may not seem so easy when you’re in the middle of it, but it’s YOUR journey and that is a beautiful thing.

To all of the moms out there who have raised a strong daughter and now get to watch in awe of who and what she has become, BRAVO to you! 👏🏼 And to those of you who are navigating the road and trying to figure how to raise a strong daughter, YOU GOT THIS! 💪🏽