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Drugstore vs. Professional Eyelash Extensions

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  • June 22nd, 2023
diy lash strip on womans hand for at home lashes

From lash strips to individual lash tabs, drugstore lashes (AKA at home lash extensions) offer options, but do they truly measure up to a custom full set of professional eyelash extensions in Mechanicsburg? 🤷🏻‍♀️ You decide!

tray of individual cluster tab lashes from the drugstore

DIY Lash Extensions

Ready-to-wear lashes that you can purchase at the drugstore have come a long way over the years. Today, there are a number of options: full lash strips in a variety of styles, lengths and colors, to individual “tab”  or cluster lashes (a cluster of usually 6 or more lashes) that also come in varying lengths and options.

DIY lash extensions require more than just the lashes, they need adhesive, too! Store-bought lash adhesive nowadays also comes with options:

  • The original white formula (this may or may not dry inconspicuously. )
  • A dark formula (to blend in with dark strips or dark eyeliner…AKA camouflage.)
  • A clear formula (the go-to adhesive option for most.)

Are DIY Lash Extensions Safe?

Along with selecting the drugstore lashes you want plus adhesive, there are MORE factors you’ll want to consider before going the DIY lash route. Some of these factors include the safety of your eyes and natural lashes.

See some questions to consider before you dive into the DIY lash game ⤵️

  • Will a lash strip fit the length of your lash line? If not, be prepared to trim it just right!
  • Do you know how much adhesive to apply so you get just enough to stay put OR to keep from having lumps of glue along your lash line?
  • Will store-bought adhesive irritate your eyes?
  • Will you be able to get strips or individual tabs on just right…the first time? OR will you trust your bestie to do it?
  • Are you okay knowing that drugstore lashes are temporary and may not withstand moisture (showering, swimming, humidity, sweat) or sleeping like professional lash extensions do?
  • Are you prepared for a mishap? Like if the strip or tab falls off or comes loose and hangs off your eye?

If you’re willing to take the risks above AND you understand that applying lashes yourself could harm or damage your natural lashes, then DIY lashes may be calling your name! However, we have another option that’s safe and provides beautiful results only the pros can give you!

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close-up of woman's professional eyelash extensions

Professional Lash Extensions

You know the saying “You get what you pay for”? That’s how we feel about DIY lash extensions compared to lash extensions applied by trained professionals in PA.

By the time you go through multiple packs of strips or tabs, purchase adhesive AND spend your valuable time trying to apply just right…professional lash extensions are a no-brainer! (For cost and sanity purposes! 🤪)

Benefits of Getting Professional Lash Extensions

Not convinced just yet that lashes by a trained stylist at a reputable salon (like The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg – Carlisle Pike) is the way to go?

After you read through the 7 benefits below (there are SO many more!!), we’re banking that you’ll change your mind! 😉

1. A professional lash salon and stylist should always offer one-on-one consultation to help you determine your custom lash look.

2. The RIGHT stylist or salon will not apply one-size-fits-all lashes but provide custom lashes to fit the look you desire, your natural lash line, your eye shape and more!

3. Adhesive at a professional lash establishment should always be medical-grade adhesive (like we offer) so that it’s 100% safe for your lash line and near your eye area.

4. If you’re worried about an allergic reaction to adhesive, lash professionals should be able to offer a patch test before proceeding with the application to ensure you’re not allergic. (This IS offered at The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg – Carlisle Pike! 🙌)

5. Prefer a variety of choices? You’ll love the options that trained stylists and salons offer in PA. For example, at The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg – Carlisle Pike we offer different applications (classic, hybrid or volume), different levels (Level 1: full, Level 2: fuller, Level 3: fullest) as well as curls like a C curl or D curl. Your stylist will help you select the options for the look you want.

6. When lash extensions are applied by professionals, your natural lashes will stay healthy and continue to grow and shed like they would without extensions.

7. A HUGE part of opting to go the professional lash extensions route: Your stylist will be there to answer any questions, concerns AND assist with aftercare instructions plus the right products to protect the investment you’ve made in pro lash extensions!

close-up of woman's professional eyelash extensions after application

Do Professional Lash Extensions Cost More Than DIY Lashes?

Now for the question you’ve been wondering: Do lash extensions by a trained professional cost more than DIY/at home lash extensions?

The short answer: Yes. But in the long run: NO!

When you consider how long expert-applied lashes last (2 weeks between refills), what they can withstand (you can swim, workout, sleep…all the things) and how much more FLAWLESS and natural they’ll look compared to DIY lashes, going the professional route is SO worth it!

The money you’ll save compared to one-time wear lashes from the drugstore (if you want to wear them every day 😳) plus adhesive WILL add up over time. Weighing the cost options is something to consider!

Leave your Lash Line to the Professionals!

If there’s every anything you’ll want to spend your money on (and make a quality investment) it’s lash extensions! Here at The Lash Lounge Mechanicsburg – Carlisle Pike, quality is the name of our lash game and we’d be honored to help you achieve your long-lasting lash goals!