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How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

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  • May 28th, 2024
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If you’ve been considering an eyelash tint in Plano to give your lackluster lashes a boost, good for you! But listen up… don’t fret if you’ve also wondered “how long does a last tint last?”. We’re delivering the answer to this common question (and more) about lash tinting.

An Eyelash Tint and How Long It Will Last

Like any lash or brow services you invest in, you want to know how long it will last before you need a refresh.

Let’s get to it! When you receive a professional eyelash tint from a reputable stylist or salon (like The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy😉) it will last up to FOUR weeks! That’s right, four fantastic weeks of makeup-free lashes that flatter your features and hair color.

Along with the natural-looking color your lashes will be graced with, an eyelash tint can also make your lash line appear fuller. 🙌 Those with light-colored hair (we see you blondes and redheads!) particularly LOVE a lash tint because it means their natural lashes no longer look “barely there” but instead, have a complimenting hue. It also means they can forgo spending oodles of time applying mascara to make their lashes stand out. Hooray for saving time, right?!?

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Answering “How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Take?”

If you were surprised to learn that eyelash tinting can last up to 4 weeks, then you may also be surprised to learn that a lash tint service DOES NOT take long.

In fact, it’s often a short service taking as little as 30 minutes! 😮 Some guests may require a bit more time depending on their individual lash line and color goals, but overall eyelash tinting is a quick service.

Total Transformations: Lash Tinting Before and After

Because we’re never ones to turn down a good before and after shot, we couldn’t help but share this lovely tint transformation!

Wanna see more of our eyelash tinting guests? Head to The Lash Lounge brand Instagram page and check out our “Tinting” highlight!

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Take The Lash Tint Leap!

We’ve got one last thing we want you to know about eyelash tinting at The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy! Like all of our services we offer from lash extensions and more, every service is always CUSTOMIZED for each guest. Our TX stylists are trained to assess not only the desired look of the guest, but their natural lashes, hair color, features, lifestyle and more!

So, if you’re leaning towards taking the lash tint leap with us, we applaud you! 👏 You will be in awe of the transformation and waking up for 4 weeks with lashes that look beautiful with no fuss. Trust us when we say that it will be life-changing!

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