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How To Choose a Lash Tint Color

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  • June 17th, 2024
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If you’ve been thinking about getting a lash tint in Plano but what’s holding you back is choosing the right color, we got you! Give this post a read to get our tips on selecting the best eyelash tint color for YOU!

The Eyelash Tinting Process

Before we hone in on how you’re to pick the perfect hue for your lash tint, allow us to share some facts!

Lash tinting is:

  • Perfect for anyone with light or fine lash hairs
  • Similar to getting your hair colored, just on your lashes
  • Conducted by a certified and trained stylist at The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy
  • Customized for each guest, their desired look, hair color and skin tone
  • 100% safe at our salons AND formulated specifically for use on sensitive areas
  • Ideal for those who no-longer want to apply mascara to make their lashes look darker. (BUT if you want to, our Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo is the one to use!)
  • A no-brainer since this service lasts up to FOUR weeks!

The Best Eyelash Tint Color for You

When tint day finally arrives (oh happy day!), rest assured knowing that your TX stylist will assist you when it comes to choosing a color. No, you don’t have to make this decision all by your lonesome! 😉

During the time of your consultation, your stylist will share and chat color and the options.  When reviewing those options, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • The natural color of your lashes. If your lashes are blonde or very light, you of course want them to be darker and show up, but not in a harsh way. This is where your expert stylist will help and recommend the right shade to beautifully embolden your lashes.
  • Your skin tone. Believe it or not, taking the color of your skin into account does need to be a factor when selecting the best eyelash tint For example, if you have dark skin, then a darker tint shade will be necessary so your lashes stand out.
  • Your current hair color! When landing on a tint color, give your hair a thought and think about the following:
    • Are you planning on changing the color of your hair soon after this tint?
    • Is the lash tint color you’re fancying going to closely match or compliment the current color of your hair?
    • Do you have highlights? If so, you’ll want to choose a hue that will coordinate with them.
    • Are you a blondie? If yes, be sure to give this blog post a read to get more details on choosing a lash tint color: Coloring Blonde Eyelashes and Brows

Lash Tinting Options at The Lash Lounge

Whether you know exactly the color you want for your lash tint before your appointment, or you’re certain you’ll need expert help from our Plano stylists, you’ll be in good hands at The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy! Our job is to make any selection process before any service a breeze so you can relax, enjoy the process and (best part!) LOVE the results!

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