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The Best Lash Looks to Rock With Glasses

  • Published
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  • March 2nd, 2023
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Whether you wear sunnies, readers or specs on the daily in CA, learn about lash extensions with glasses and the options you have.

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Can You Have Lash Extensions with Glasses?

We won’t keep you guessing about whether or not you can wear glasses with lash extensions. The answer is a resounding YES!

Like we always preach at The Lash Lounge San Diego – Point Loma, lash extensions are an extension of you—yes, even you WITH glasses. Or we should probably say especially with glasses. With eyelash extensions, say goodbye to pesky mascara flakes and makeup residue on your specs. No more lens wiping throughout the day! 🙌

How To Wear Glasses with Long Eyelashes

If you’re one who’s all about having the best of both worlds, here’s the 4-1-1 on wearing glasses with long lashes. It’s all about finding your sweet spot for comfort while eliminating any friction between your extensions and lenses.

Lash Customization with Your Glasses

If it’s your first visit to The Lash Lounge San Diego – Point Loma, be sure to bring your glasses along to your appointment so they can be part of your one-on-one lash consultation. During this time, you can put your glasses on and let your stylist assess the length of your natural lashes and how much room you have between them and your glasses, so there’s no rub. This can be very helpful when you and your stylist in San Diego discuss the customizable options for your first full set AND how the chosen length and curl will work best with your peepers.

If you’re a Lash Lounge veteran in CA and you just started wearing glasses, ask yourself if the current style of your lashes is comfortable while wearing your specs.

young brunette woman smiling while wearing stylish glasses and lash extensions
  • If they are, you’re all set!
  • If not and if your lashes brush your lenses more than you’d like, then you should bring them along to your next refill appointment. Your stylist at The Lash Lounge San Diego – Point Loma can weigh in on your current lash application and the options for changing it up to better fit the way they work with your new blinkers. 🤓

Options at Your Optometrist

If you’re all about being “extra” and you REALLY want to take your lash extensions and glasses to the next level, opt for guidance from your optometrist.

Here’s how:

  • Make a fitting appointment to look for new glasses or to discuss ideas on how to adjust your current ones (more on this below!).
  • If you’re thinking about new glasses, spend time trying on different styles to see how they feel AND work with your lash extensions.
    • TIP: Order from a site like Warby Parker to try some styles at home if that’s more your speed!
  • Chat with your optician in CA (that’s the person trained on fitting you with glasses) and ask about fitting options. Who knows?!? They might be able to adjust your current glasses to give you more flutter room. Never hurts to ask!

The Best Lash Styles For Glasses

Looking for solid tips on which lash styles are best if you wear glasses? We’re always happy to offer our expert advice, of course, but here’s the truth: ➡️ The best lash styles and looks for people with glasses can vary from person to person depending on your:

  • Desired lash application
  • Eye shape
  • Style of glasses

Whatever lash application calls your name, whether it’s classic, hybrid or volume, if there’s a certain lash look you love most, we can help you make it work with your glasses!

If you decide to hold off on getting lash extensions but still want to amp up your lash line with your glasses, ask us about other lash services that can enhance your natural lashes and make them POP even behind your peepers!

Your Go-To for Lashes Extensions and Glasses

Don’t rule out going for that full set of lush lash extensions OR changing up your current lash extension look just because you wear glasses.

That’s what we’re here for and we can’t wait to help you achieve your lash goals…glasses and all! 👓💜