Lash Curls: Two Options to Customize Your Look

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • March 28th, 2022
super closeup of a D curl lash extension at The Lash Lounge

Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re all about collaborating with our guests and personalizing a look all their own. One very important step to any custom lash design is selecting one of our two curls. Today, we’re excited to share how each curl is unique, just like our guests!


During every appointment for lash extensions, you’ll have a personalized consultation with one of our trained, talented stylists. During this time, your stylist will chat with you about the different customizable elements of a lash look, including your curl options.

Here at The Lash Lounge, we have three different curl options: C curl and D curl. Each curl creates a unique effect and is recommended based on the look you’re going for and/or how your natural lashes are shaped.

Let’s take a closer look at each curl option so you can see for yourself just how uniquely beautiful each curl is!

diagram depicting difference between the 2 different lash curls at The Lash Lounge


The softest curl we offer at our salons is the lovely C curl. It is also the “go-to” curl option for guests who want their lashes enhanced, yet desire a lash look that looks most natural eyelashes.


For those guests who are a little more on the lively side when it comes to their lash style, the D curl is a beautiful option. It is the tightest curl we offer and gives a gorgeous, dynamic appearance. Many guests with a D curl often say their lashes give them more of an “awake” look and, ladies, we all know we need that, right?


So, how do we get 2 different, yet downright perfect curls? Let us tell you!

We like to “heat” things up a bit here at The Lash Lounge, which is why our lashes undergo a double heat-roll process to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting curl. You and your stylist will work together to determine which curl is best for your natural lashes and for you!


We know you want to see more, so we‘re sharing photos of 3 real guests, each with a different, gorgeous lash curl!


representation of the C curl from The Lash Lounge, one of two lash curls available

Take a look at the lovely Denise and her custom lash look:

  • Curl: C Curl
  • Application Method: Classic
  • Level: 1
representation of the D curl lash extension from The Lash Lounge, one of two options available

Now for Sarah and her drop-dead gorgeous custom lashes:

  • Curl: D curl
  • Application Method: Volume
  • Level: 3


Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more custom lash creations and some sneak peeks of our new Lash Catalog, which will help guide you through your Lash Lounge journey, all the way from consultation through to customization!

To flip through The Lash Catalog now, visit a Lash Lounge near you!