August To Member Details (Free Gift Included!)

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Graphic about Lash Lounge Membership with closeup of lashes

August is here! As school starts and autumn approaches, we urge you to make it an August to remember…. or should we say, “August to member?!”

Become a Lash Lounge member in August and enjoy membership perks including savings, discounts AND (this month only) exclusive Lash Lounge swag for FREE with a fun gift!

Membership Perks For August and Beyond

As we say so long to summer 👋 and approach a busy time of year (hello, back to school and holiday season), it’s the PERFECT time to lean into something that will save you time, make life easier, make you feel your best and much more.

What are the perks of signing up for a membership this August? Here are a few at the top of the list:

mid-shot of white woman with little makeup and flawless lashes

🚌 Back-To-School Bliss: Who has time for makeup or even mascara when you’re running out the door to get the kids to school, attend school functions, the list goes on! If you do make time for a full face, you’re probably cutting into your much-needed sleep or something else more important in your life. With a membership, your lash line will look good 24/7 and you’ll be ready to hit that car line all with beautiful lashes and no makeup. You’ll also look refreshed — (every mom’s dream) and won’t have to hide behind giant shades.

🙅🏽‍♀️ No More Mascara Clumps: If you’re tired of spending time in front of the mirror applying mascara only for it to look lumpy and clumpy, a Lash Lounge membership solves that problem! Go mascara free and see how flawless your lashes look only to leave others wondering what “new mascara” you are using, ha!

🎄 Set For The Holiday Season: Like the back-to-school craze, the holidays get crazy too. It all starts in October with all the fall festivities and Halloween, then Thanksgiving followed by a merry holiday season and new year.

The good news: you can amp up your look so your holiday beauty routine is a breeze. You’ll also be glad for all those holiday photo-ops and how you’ll look better than ever in holiday photos!

🧖🏽‍♀️ “Me Time” Made Easy: The ultimate perk to making a membership happen this August is the me time you deserve. Any time of the year is busy, but from September till the end of the year, things tend to get extra hectic. With a Lash Lounge membership, you’ll be able to secure self-care every 2 weeks, fit it into your schedule AND budget. What could be better?

Another August to Member Perk: An Exclusive Gift

Need a nudge? How about an EXCLUSIVE Lash Lounge gift for FREE when you sign up for a membership before 8/31?

promo graphic with lash closeup and free gift of leopard bag

When you do, you will receive your very own limited-edition leopard belt bag. This bag is perfect for day-to-day wear, perfect for vacays, perfect for anywhere and anytime you need a snazzy bag. It can fit anything from your phone, wallet, snacks and even those lash essentials (like our Crystal Lash Wand!) we know you don’t leave home without! 😉

FACT: Leopard IS a neutral here at The Lash Lounge! 🐆

More Membership Perks

Along with saving your valuable time, having natural-looking, custom lashes plus securing the me-time you deserve, there are MORE membership perks you need to know!

  • 2 discounted refills a month
  • 10% off all products
  • 10% off all services
  • And more perks because YOU’LL BE A MEMBER!

Make a Lash Lounge Membership Happen This August!

Whether you’ve already been considering a Lash Lounge membership or simply feel the urge to do something for YOU 👏, contact a Lash Lounge in your area, sign up and enjoy the perks.

(Something for you Lash Lounge newbies ➡️ How To Prepare For Your Lash Extension Appointment)

While you’re at it, find your salon on Facebook or Instagram and send them a pic of you rocking your new, stylish